Monday, June 3, 2013

Mr. Popular

My little man Brayden has so many friends at the young age of 2. And by friends I am talking about his little animal friends that is.

I wanted to make sure I documented all of his friends so I can show him when he is older.  He loves all of these little guys so much and brings them everywhere throughout the house – they have to sleep with him, come downstairs in the morning, go outside when we play, etc.  A select few are chosen (by little man) to go on car rides, to the store, etc.  

These little friends tend to get lost A LOT! There are some nights where we can’t find someone and they were left behind outside and little man cannot go to bed without him.  I hate to admit, but yes, there have been times I have went outside with a flashlight to find them.  Other times they are much easier to find, under the couch, in the couch, under the kitchen table, stuck in a random toy bin.  Sometimes I curse myself for giving him these “friends” but at the end of the day, they make him so happy so of course it is all worth it.  

Usually Brayden gets a new “friend” for a holiday or birthday.  The buying is split between me and the Easter Bunny & Santa.

But we just went to the zoo with Grandma Deb and she bought him 2 new friends, he was so excited!

Without further ado here they are……

From Left to Right:

Murray, Bronco, Geoffrey, Spots, Henry, Polar Bear, Hippo, Rex, Stripes & Mike

These little guys have become part of our family and it's super cute to see Brayden interact with them. 

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