Thursday, June 27, 2013

2 going on 12

This week it really hit me... my baby, my first born, Brayden, is not really a baby anymore.  Of course I knew this, but I really hadn't realized just how grown he is.  Two things this week really hit it home for me. First was the other night he was laying in my bed while I was going to take a shower, I turned the TV on and Full House happened to on the channel we had last watched.  I asked Brayden what he wanted to watch, the usual - Cars, Toy Story, Jake, Ice Age or Little Einsteins to which he replied, "No, I want to watch this"... whaatt?!, he really wanted to watch Full House??! I said Ok and left the channel as it was and before I got in the shower, I looked at him in my bed mesmerized by the show, a show I grew up watching (and loved!) A part of me felt sad because I knew this was pretty huge, my baby watching something that wasn't a cartoon, but part of me was also so happy that he was enjoying something I use to love so much.  I took a shower and when I was done, we snuggled and watched another episode.  It was pretty cool to see how much he enjoyed it and it was a special bonding moment for us (even if he didn't know it)

Second was the computer.  For a few weeks now my Mom has been telling me how good Brayden is becoming on the computer (not just the Ipad, an actual desktop computer) I let myself get so busy with the day to day that I never had the time to see this for myself..until this week that is.  He asked to play on the computer so we went upstairs and put in JumpStart Toddler - learning software I bought for him last year.  The last time we played this it was Brayden sitting on my lap and I would manuver the mouse around and he would point and laugh.  Not Brayden sits by himself in the chair and uses the mouse all by himself and knows exactly what he is doing and where to go.  I was literally AMAZED watching this.  He was so proud to show me his skills and I was just as proud to watch.  I sat and watched him play for a little then it was time for bed.  The next night he asked again to play on the computer and I still had to feed Ella and do some other things so I decided to let him play in the office by himself.  I set him up and went back downstairs and thought to myself, "How in the world do I have a child old enough to sit and play on a computer by himself??" Again, this made me a little sad but I am also so happy with the little man he is becoming.  Every 10-15 minutes Brayden would call for me to show me what he was doing, he just loves playing on that computer! In addition to JumpStart Toddler, I also bought him Disney Fun Skills and he absolutely loves this one as well.

- It's true what they say, it's amazing watching life through your child's eyes!

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