Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Perfect Weeknight

I just love when we all have a perfect night! Balancing working and home life can get pretty tough so when we have a day/night that just flows so perfectly, I savor every minute of it. 

I recently made tons of croc pot freezer meals to help me out with dinners throughout the week - on this day I had the hubs throw everything in while I was at work and came home to a deliciously cooked meal all ready to be served, then Brayden sat at the table and ate his entire plate of food (this is rare occasion latley!) Ella was in a great mood when I got home this day too, she ate with us at the table and it was such a nice family dinner. 

After dinner and clean up (which was a breeze thanks to the croc pot!) we all headed to the park and had tons of fun.

Sibling Love - melts my heart

Max behaving himself :)

It's nights like these that I can really sit and reflect on how truly lucky I am.  Usually the days/nights go by so quickly between juggling everything that it is nice when we have a *perfect* night to remind me why I do everything I is all for them, my beautiful children.

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