Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I'm finally getting around to re-capping Father's Day.  It was a nice day and I know it means alot to my hubby because he absolutely cherishes being a Father.  This year was super fun with gifts, I was kind of getting out of control with the "handmade" gifts but it's hard to pick just 1...or even 2....

The day started off by letting Daddy sleep in (sleeping in around here is 8:30am) I made a yummy breakfast and we all ate together and then Brayden gave Daddy all of his gifts.

Here are some pics of what the kids made for their Daddy :)

I was pretty excited to make this DAD frame - I've seen it all over Pinterest and think it's a super cute idea. (It was beyond painful to get them to take these pictures but at least no one is these ones at least)

This interview with Brayden was so fun, these are genuinely his answers to the questions, quite comical.  I plan to do this every year.  I think Brayden will get a kick out of these when he is older :)

Another Pinterest find - I thought this turned out really cute.

Later in the day we went by my in-laws to spend time with my Father in Law.  It was a nice, hot day so we spent it outside, playing and grilling.  It was a nice Father's Day :)

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