Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Re-cap

How is it already Monday again?? I dread Monday's because other than the fact that is Monday, I have to head to work and leave my sweet kiddos at home, where I would very much rather be.  Making them breakfast, cuddling watch some tv, playing outside, anything Mommy/Kiddo related.... OK enough complaining, I'm not the only one who works!!

Our weekend was pretty good! Friday the hubs and I went out to a bowling banquet for a league he is on.  I use to be on the league but once Ella came into the mix I found it too hard to get away from them so I opted out and my sister took my place :)  The banquet was so fun - pretty much just like a wedding minus bringing a gift (Score!)

My beautiful pregnant sister!!

Saturday was a day full of yard work! I brought the kiddos to my Mom's, who agreed to watch them all day so we could actually get stuff done :)  We were so grateful for that as we did manage to get a ton done!!

Sunday after making a yummy breakfast, the hubs ran out for an errand and I decided to take the kids and Max for a walk.  It was a gorgeous morning.  We walked around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes then stopped at the park for some quick play time.  Then we headed home (it was almost time for Ella to eat) but Brayden was demanding we go see his Grandparents (he knows they live within walking distance) I was fine with that but we had to stop home to get Ella's food and drop off Max who couldn't manage to walk any further.  He already gave up after about 5 minutes into the walk and had to be shoved into the underneath of the stroller.  It was fun to drop by and see the Grandparents, and it is so nice being so close to them!!

Daddy testing out his new thingy - something that goes on the back of the riding mower that catches all of the grass - (Don't worry, the blades were not on)

Little Miss hanging outside with us :)  We had Grandma Pam and Papa over for dinner, it was such a nice night :)

As I walked past Brayden's room this morning to go to work, I couldn't help but go in and snap this picture. This little boy melts my heart.

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