Wednesday, June 5, 2013

29 Years Young

Yesterday was my birthday and what a wonderful one it was!  I really don’t care much about my birthdays, I am all about celebrating everyone else’s.  I am starting to enjoy mine more and more though and I will contribute that to having such an amazing little family.  They are my reason to embrace each year I get older.  Every year I am blessed that much more. 

I had to work on my birthday so the hubs and the kids met me for lunch – we had a picnic at a nearby park, it was absolutely perfect!!! After we ate, I took Brayden down by the little lake to feed the ducks, there was only 1 duck and as we would throw in the bread, a seagull would swoop down and steal it – Brayden thought this was the funniest thing ever and his laugh is forever engrained in my memory from this moment.  

After work I came home to a mini celebration with my Mom and the kiddos.  They had blow horns and Brayden got a kick out of them! He would blow it and then say “Happy Birthday Mommy!” The sweetest thing ever!! They made me a poster and had a little cake, it was so sweet.

Rick’s family then came over for dinner and it was a great time! Brayden and Ella were very excited to see their Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.  

I so enjoyed my birthday this year, and I better enjoy my last year in my twenties as well, next year the big 3-0, Yikes! J

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