Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekly Recap {8.21.17}

Happy Solar Eclipse Day!! I'm so excited that we scored 3 pairs of glasses to see it today!! They were sold out everywhere last week (of course I waited too long) and I was not about to drop $50 on Amazon. A super nice Mom from Brayden's school had extra from her husband who is a Science teacher so she gave them to us, woohoo!!

Anyway, first let's take a look back at our week!

Monday we went on a play date with one of Brayden's buddies. We went to lunch afterward and it was a super fun morning/day until an old grump yelled at Miss Avery for being a kid - yep, seriously, he told me that she "made him sick" with the way she was acting at the restaurant! Mind you she really wasn't doing anything wrong, just making a giant mess of the table - I swear, some people are just jerks!

Tuesday we went school supply shopping and had a pretty lazy day. We did make it outside to do a scavengar hunt around the neighborhood.

Wednesday we went bowling with my Mom and we all had a blast!! It's getting easier and easier to go out and do these types of things with Avery so for as much as I get sad as they all get bigger, there's definitely the advantages



After bowling and lunch, we headed home for some sprinkler & water balloon fun!!


Thursday was a very slow morning. We made slime (the kids LOVED doing that and it was SO easy) and then I took them to Walgreens to get some candy and a movie from Redbox. They had a movie day and at night Rick had his first recreation softball game so we went to support him - it was so fun for the kids because the other guys' brought their kids or their wives did so they all had a blast running around


Friday my FIL stopped by in the morning and took Brayden garage sale-ing (he loved that!) Then we headed to the farmers market then got some ice cream. I cleaned the rest of the day and Brayden came down with a random sickness so he spent the whole afternoon on the couch.

Friday night I headed out to dinner with a couple of friends. It was nice to get out and laugh and have a couple of drinks and not have to hear MOOOOOMMM every 5 seconds :)

Saturday morning Ella got on a puzzle kick and did them over and over and Avery joined in too. Rick & Brayden headed to baseball practice and us girls just hung around. We got ready and headed over to my in laws to celebrate my FIL's birthday. We swam and ate and we ended up staying there pretty much the entire night because we were all having so much fun!

Avery LOVES being thrown up!

Sunday we were lazy in the morning then we made some homemade rockets! The kids had so much fun with this. I found the idea here


My Mom stopped by and me, her and Ella went to Michael's and Homegoods then when we got back Rick & Brayden left for the batting cages. Avery napped and Ella had some quiet time and I was able to make a wreath I've been wanting to make for a while. (I'll be sure to show it soon!)

Rick grilled some steaks for dinner and we relaxed the rest of the night.

Hope everyone has a great day and can enjoy seeing the eclipse!! Don't forget to wear your glasses!

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  1. Bowling and homemade Rockets are the best! My boys used to make them all the time. Oh and how I love slime too, I wish the boys still wanted to make things like that, ha ha! You and your girlfriends look absolutely beautiful, the night out did you good girl! Happy eclipse day doll!

  2. What a sweet time you all had all week. See, I never understand why people have to share their opinions in such an unkind, discouraging way. :( My mother-in-law bless her got my kids 2 pairs of eclipse glasses because I hadn't even thought of it ;). It's supposed to be cloudy here though! xoxo ERIN

  3. What a fun week friend. We totally waited too long too. I guess you will also be really eclipsed where you are, right? We are supposed to be 95% long too. Our plan is to head to the library. They are supposed to at least have glasses for the kiddos to wear there, so at least they can watch it lol.

  4. You did a great job embracing summer this week! Sighh...I need to do that! We've been SO busy, and have so many things on our calendar that I feel like I've been just work-work-working constantly. And it's almost over, wahhh! lol

  5. We are watching the eclipse - can't wait! That bowling alley looks like one we have here, so fancy! :)

  6. So many fun activities!! Love that you were able to have a girls night out!! Hope today is great for you! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  7. We did not get any eclipse glasses, and I am ok with it lol. Also what slime recipes did you use?

  8. What a fun week. I am so sorry about the grumpy person...that really sucks. I waited too long to get glasses (we had tons of them in our stores) but last week when I went, nothing. We made our own viewers and are going to try out a couple of different ones to see which ones we like, mind you they are all homemade so fingers crossed they actually work! Lol! Have a great week!

  9. I can't believe that man at lunch! That is crazy! Happy eclipse viewing today!

  10. Happy eclipse day! That's awesome that y'all got yours for free! I have heard that a lot of people are paying $50+ for them and they are getting counterfeit ones. EEKS. I would be pissed. My mom fortunately grabbed some for us so we'll be outside in just a bit!

  11. What a great week! I want to take my kids bowling but not sure if they would like it yet. Those rockets looked really cool! Love me some grilled steaks! Have a great week!

  12. Your kids are so cute!! And I can't BELIEVE some old man said that about your little girl!! I think my mama bear might have come out!! Looks like yall are making the most of the last of summer!! I totally feel like I should step it up after reading this. haha. Happy Monday!!

    That Inspired Chick

  13. The craziness over the solar glasses amazed me! I was reading that so many were recalled and so many companies sold fake glasses. How scary is that? We used a Nasa approved welding mask here. It worked great. I cannot believe the nerve of that old grump at the restaurant! How rude. I guess he was never a kid once. Ugh! Despite him, sounds like y’all had a really great week.