Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday Avery Jane!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

I truly and honestly cannot believe you are THREE! As always, it feels like you both have been in our lives forever, but also I blinked and three years went by SO FAST.

I couldn't (nor do I want to) imagine our lives without you in it. You bring so much chaos to our lives, yet also so much balance.

You play the little sister roll to a T!! You are always insitgiating with Brayden & Ella and everything has to be yours. If they just picked up something to see it or play with it, you bee line it right to them and snatch it away.  I think you do this because you love when the chase you (however, that almost always ends in tears)

We are still working on sharing, we'll get there, eventually.

You have to be included in EVERYTHING now that you are a big girl! Any time we talk about doing stuff you chime in with "WHAT ABOUT ME!?!?!" and if it's something you aren't big enough for or just something we're doing with the big kids you get so upset. I know this is normal and it's kinda cute too :)

You have look at your poop in the toilet after you go, then you scream "Ewwww I don't want to eat that poo!!" and if I don't show you the poop because I flushed too fast you get SO mad at me :)

You are always so busy! You are not my child who likes to sit and have me read to her, you don't really have interest in puzzles or any kind of playing for longer than 2 minutes. Grandma Deb's nickname for you is a Pistol - she has been calling you that for a while because well, you are :)

You LOVE your Daddy!! Every morning you ask for him and cry when I say he's at work. You always want him around, you always want him to put you to bed first, pretty much you just always to be around him. Some of the most common words out of your mouth are "But where's Daddy!?!" You also love your siblings and ask about them any time you don't see them. It's so cute to see how much you really love them (even if you drive them nuts most of the time)

Favorite things:

//When you're naked, you run up to any one of us and stick your butt in our faces and shout "MY BOOTY BUTT!!" over and over again,  you even slap it. It is freaking hilarious!

//You love this song on the Sing soundtrack where the character Piggy Power sings a part of a Lady Gaga song, you walk up to anyone and everyone and sing it right in their faces (and no one knows what the heck you are saying)

//You looooove swimming! You have always been a water baby! You pretty much love anything to do with water. If we have the water table out, you are trying to get in it, or you dunk your head in it, or you are drinking from it. Silly, silly girl you are!

//You love the Disney princess book we have and you even try and "read" it yourself after we're done. Every nap and every night you fall asleep either holding the book or on top of it.

//I would say your favorite food is mac n cheese. You love the Annie's white shells the most and pretty much demand it every single meal.

//Putting on real make up and putting it on me too - you would do this all day if I let you!


//Going down for a nap
//Going to bed
//Anything that you aren't part of
//Hot dogs & pasta (which still shocks me)

Even though you wear me thin most days, I couldn't love you more. I know one day you'll be calm and I'll actually miss this time in our lives.

Until then, I will keep enjoying you every single day and holding you down so I can give you a thousand kisses!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl, I love you so much!!!



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  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I hope you have an amazing day of celebrating.

  2. Happy Birthday Avery! Hope you have a great day of celebrating!

  3. Our kids have FOMO (fear of missing out) too, who am I kidding I have it too! Happy Birthday to her, I hope you all have a blessed day celebrating! xoxo ERIN

  4. Connor wasn't a fan of pasta for so long but he has gotten better the older he has gotten.

  5. awww Happy Birthday!! She sounds like a true blessing!

  6. So sweet! My little guy wants everything A has as soon as he touches it too. Happy birthday, Avery! I hope you all are having the best time.
    Beautifully Candid

  7. Happy birthday to Avery! I'm cracking up over the booty butt thing! Sounds like something Olivia would do. Lol.

  8. Happy birthday Avery! WHat a cutie!

  9. SO FUN! My oldest will turn three at the end of the month! Some of these favorite things sound just like his favorite things too! :)