Tuesday, October 6, 2015

weekend {re} cap

Our weekend was a good one! Friday night started with an attempted slumber party in our bed...

Brayden has been sleeping in our bed on Friday nights since he was about 3.  We always move him to his room one we are ready for bed but he still loves it and he gets excited every Friday.

Since Ella turned 3 we decided it was time to let her try it out...girlfriend is just not ready.  She lays down for about 2 minutes after we leave then we hear her tip toeing down the stairs and she's ready to join us on the couch.

Needless to say, she's not ready yet :)


Saturday morning bright and early we had Brayden's soccer game.  It was freeeeeezing out. I'm talking 50 degrees and soooo windy.  But he played so well despite the fact he was freezing out there.

Right after the game we headed to the pumpkin patch to meet up with some of the family.

The pumpkin patch has 2 giraffes that you can feed and Ella was all about it! Brayden was screaming as he was throwing his carrots at them.

This orange slide is a way to get down from the giraffes for the kids (or adults if they want) and Brayden was whining that he didn't want to go down even though it's smaller than more slides he's been on.  After everyone else went, the hubs forced him down and what would you know? He loved it and asked to do it again and again.

Ella was all about feeding the animals! She had no fear at all.  Meanwhile this is the first year Brayden fed them without crying and dropping the food everywhere.  I was so proud of him!


Funny story about this haunted house - right when we got there, Ella saw it and started saying she wanted to go in it.  We all kind of brushed her off thinking yeah right (it is a little scary and she's only 3!) but girlfriend seriously asked to go about 40 times.  We kept trying to ignore it because we didn't think she was ready for it but finally the hubs obliged.

This is their before picture - she is all smiles and was SO excited to go in.

And after.... she came out crying saying "It was so scary Mommy!" Then she proceeded to say, "I'll go next year and I won't cry"  She is too darn cute!  But hey, I give her credit for going - none of the other kids would even entertain the idea.

Sunday morning we left our house bright and early with my BIL and SIL to head downtown to tailgate before the Bears game.  I was so excited since this is the first game I've been to in about 5 years! I was always pregnant or nursing and didn't want to go.

It was freezing once again but still soooo much fun!

Bears won their first game too which was AWESOME!!

We pretty much did nothing the rest of the night and it was nice since to just relax :)

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