Monday, October 19, 2015

life lately

Ahh Monday, please bring a good week of no more sickness to us. Seriously, this past week hasbeen brutal.  3 kids all sick with 104-105 fevers plus add a croup cough in there and yeah, this Mama is beyond ready for this sickness to leave our house.  Although the dr said it could take up to 10 days!

Now, who wants to come babysit when they're all well so I can spend 5 hours disinfecting our house!?

I figured today is a good day to do a little life lately (you know, before we caught the craziness sickness my kids have ever had)

Oh my boy, having so much fun here hanging at the playground after soccer practice.  He loves his teammates and is so sad that he had to miss his game this weekend.

I always see people posting their OOTD (don't laugh, but I totally had to google what that was) so I snapped this pic of me taking Brayden to the bus stop as my OOTD. I'm a hot mess in the mornings :)

A couple of weeks ago at the park, Ella asked to take Avery down the slide. These sisters sure do love eachother.

A zoo trip with my girls and an old friend and her girls.  It was such a gorgeous day

Brayden's school does a stop light system and every day he has to color what color he was at school (green is the best) so everyday when he comes home he says "I was green today!"

Me and this girl were building huge rocket ships the other day - we just love our magnatiles!

Miss A has been her usual cute self  - she chooses to eat yogurt with her hands vs a spoon :)

Having fun on a playdate with big sis and big sis's friend :)

I had Brayden's school conference the other week (he's doing amazing btw, so proud!) and I saw this on the wall outside his classroom :)

We carved our pumpkins last weekend (so happy we did because originally it was planned for this weekend which wouldn't have happened)

After pumpkin carving we made our annual Halloween cupcakes - I love these little traditions we have :)

We put some candles in the pumpkins and went outside to take a look.  The kids loved seeing their jack-o-lanterns!

left to right: Avery's, Brayden's, Mom's, Dad's, Ella's

Next day standing proud next to their pumpkins (you should see them now, squirrels have pretty much eaten all of them! The kid were so sad)

This girl makes me laugh so hard with how her and Max get along :)

Doing a little mini pumpkin painting :)

Let's throw a random selfie in here - I finally had the courage to chop my hair (not really chop but I did take almost 4" off) - I love it and am so happy I did it!

The other night at the park Brayden wanted to take Max down the slide - this dog is such a trooper!

And then the crazy sickness kicked in.  My poor kids.  I have never worried so much as I did this past week.

And they're still sick as I'm typing this.  Praying my sweet little people are better very, very soon!

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