Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pinned it - did it

Today I'm sharing my fall mantel which also just so happens to have my latest project - a neutral Fall wreath.

I saw this pin and immediately fell in love with everything I saw, but especially the wreath.  It is made from - wait for it - a canvas drop cloth! Like the ones used for painting.

Let me tell you a little about this wreath - it is a serious labor of love.  It's super easy but very time consuming and I'm actually surprised that I finished it as quickly as I did.  I was on a mission.

Here's what you will need:

  • Wire wreath - I bought an 18" at Walmart for under $3

  • Drop Cloth - I bought mine from Home Depot

  • Scissors


*Tip: Start a Netflix series or something because you're going to be here a while :)

Open up your drop cloth and start cutting! I would cut from the bottom about 6-7" up and cut straight across so I had one big piece.  From there I cut about 1/2" strips - you will do this until you have a bagillion strips.

Once done cutting, start tying your strips to your wreath.  I started on the smallest wire and worked my way outward.  Just keep tying until your wreath is full and you can't see anymore wire.  Thank goodness my pregnancy induced carpel tunnel has pretty much gone away or there would be no way I could have done this project.

And Voila!

I bought my drop cloth from Home Depot and it definitely looks more gray than the pin but I still love it.

What have you pinned it and did it lately?

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