Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Friday {10.23.15}

Hey hey friends! A very happy Friday to everyone! I for one am just thankful that the crazy sickness that hit our house is on its way out! All 3 of my kids caught adenovirus and I truly hope no one has to ever deal with it because it is BRUTAL. Brayden has missed school everyday this week, including today!

Anyway, no more talk about being sick, moving on to bigger and better things, like the Friday link up party.


The hubby and I are going out tonight and I cannot freaking wait.  People, listen, I've only been out of my house 3 times in 9 days and it's been to go to the dr or the store to get more medicine. You can only imagine how ancy I am to get out.  I might just skip the actual food part of dinner and focus mainly on glasses of wine.


This is so random but last week I watched a Hallmark movie and the woman was wearing a mermaid Halloween costume that was gorgeous then while browsing Pinterest the other day I saw one very similar.  I know I don't love dressing up myself for Halloween but if we ever go to a fun party, this is what I want to be!

Of course I would have to DIY this because that price tag is crazy!
Kim K Mermaid Costume by ItsavGlamour on Etsy, $325.00:


Has anyone tried the whole DIY photo canvas thing? I think I'm going to give it a try, the tutorials are so easy and so much less expensive!

Print out photos from your home computer and mod podge onto canvas boards. The texture will make them look like they were printed on canvas!:


I use to have a white puffer winter coat when I was younger from Express that I LOVED. I wore it until it turned yellow.  I would love to get another one although I'm not sure if it brings out my inner 15 year old, thoughts? This one is so cute!


Velvet hangers - do you own them? I made the switch a couple of years ago and it was the best move! Our closet looks so much cleaner now and my clothes never fall off them!

Alright friends, that is all I've got today.  My duty as a professional snot wiper is calling :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. One - I'm happy that everyone is feeling better in your household.
    Two - Wine? Yes, please. Hopefully you drank one for me, too - because, well, that's what blog friends do. ;)
    Three - Oh M to the G, that mermaid costume is so pretty. You should just make it now and keep it on hand for you wearing it while doing laundry, washing dishes, gardening...So pretty!
    Four - That coat! LOOOOVE! If you buy one, I'll buy one, mmm-kay? Plus, we need to stay warm being mid-westerners and all, am I right?

    Have a great week!!