Wednesday, October 7, 2015

House Tour - Main Living Area

The other day my house was clean, like really clean so I decided to snap some photos to show you all and finally document the start of a home tour on this little blog of mine. 

We bought a house that needed lots of work and have been doing house projects ever since we moved in.  I'll be showing before and after pictures too. 

I took all these pics with my Iphone because my nifty fifty lens (while being awesome) does not have the capability to zoom out or in and yeah, that wasn't going to work with taking these pics.  So in true amateur blogger fashion, here is my house tour via my Iphone :)

Here is our home.  We moved here almost 3 years ago and it was the best decision we made. While it's definitely not the biggest house on the block, we are so happy here and love that we have created this house into our home.

Our very first house project was painting the outside of our house - you can read more about that here

Here is a side by side before and after photo of the front of our house.

First up - a look when you enter the house.  Here is what it looked like when we bought the house....

and here it is now.  

Straight ahead is our kitchen. It is a galley kitchen and I wasn't in love with it at first but now I've  grown to love it.

Here are some before pictures...

And after...

I spy a box of mints - LOL :)

There is a half bathroom off the kitchen and I don't have any before pictures of it (darn, I know you were dying to see a hideous, outdated bathroom!) but let me just tell you it looks 100 x's better now.

I loved everything I saw from this  pin and pretty much duplicated it.

I love this faucet so much!

Around the corner from our kitchen is our dining/eating area.  

Here is the before...

And the after! 

Our kitchen counter wraps around to the right and it's nice to have some extra counter space.

Here is the before picture 

While we liked the extra counter space, what we didn't like was the empty wasted space below it.  So when we remodeled our kitchen, we made sure to add cabinets underneath.

When you turn right from our eating area you enter what was originally the formal living room.  We gave this room to the kids and it is now their play room.  We have a family room that we figured would be ours and they can have this room, yet they seem to follow us to the family room all of the time... :)

Before pic - brace yourself for the GREEN carpet and the serious mess LOL

And after

You can get to our living room by going right into it off the entry or through the kitchen.  Now we're back to the entry where we have our shoe cabinet and a galley wall.

So there it is, a house tour of our main level. Hopefully it doesn't take me 2 more years to finish the rest of the house :)


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