Tuesday, October 20, 2015

halloween costumes {link up}

I'm linking up over at Momfessionals today to show off our Halloween costumes.  Well, really, the kids' costumes.  I've never been a fan of Halloween, I mean when I was little yes, but as I got older I never cared for it...that is until I had kids.  Kids change everything, don't they?

Now, I LOVE Halloween but still just for my kids, not personally. I don't usually dress up beyond a pair of cat ears or a witches hat, but for my kids I enjoy so much picking out what they're going to be then putting their costumes together. Yep - we don't usually do store bought costumes around here - I love making them!

This year my littles are being:

Brayden - Batman
Ella - Black Kitty Cat
Avery - A Chubby Bunny (that's her nickname around here)


I made Brayden's and Avery's but bought Ella's.

Brayden - Leonardo
Avery - Pumpkin
Ella - Minnie Mouse 


This year we had 2 Halloween parties to go to so we dressed up as a family, the Flinstone Family. This was one of my favorites!! I was Pebbles when I was little so to recreate that with Ella was so fun :)


This year Brayden was Mickey and Ella was a witch - Ella was only 1 month old so she didn't get much trick or treating experience :)


This year was Brayden's 2nd Halloween and he was a cowboy who refused to wear his cowboy hat :)

Oh my gosh he was so small :)


For Brayden's very first Halloween he was a doggy - and the cutest one I ever did see :)

This picture of him and Max kills me :)

There we go, that's as far back as I can go :) I can't wait to see everyone's Halloween costumes!

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