Monday, October 26, 2015

{DIY} hallween costumes

Happy Monday, friends!

I thought I'd stop by to show how I put the kids costumes together this year - thankfully this year they picked super easy costumes (and I had some say in 2 of them, ha ha)

I don't always make their costumes to save money, sometimes that's just an added bonus, and other times they cost more to make than if I would just buy them.  I'm happy this year it was super fun to put their costumes together and super budget friendly as well - win win.

First up - my favorite, Batman! Brayden has been telling me he wanted to be Batman since the day after Halloween last year - I thought for sure he'd change his mind but nope, kid knows what he wants, even if it's a year in advance.

For the Batman costume you will need:

  • Black sweatpants
  • Black sweatshirt or black long sleeve shirt
  • Batman mask and cape - can be found here for super cheap!
  • 2 pieces of yellow foam sheets (can be found at any craft store)
  • Modpodge
  • Batman logos (just do a google search) printed in 2 different sizes (I used a larger one for the shirt and cape and a smaller one for the belt) 
  • optional: needle and thread
First up what I did was print my Batman logos and trace them on the yellow foam sheets. (I wish I could take the credit for this but I found a great tutorial here)

For the belt, I traced the smaller logo then put a ruler over the middle and to the sides and traced around it.

Cut the belt out and then you can either attach it directly to the pants or shirt with a needle and thread or you can use an old t-shirt (black preferably) and cut long strips and attach those to the ends of the belt so that way you can tie it around your childs back.

For the shirt and cape - I cut out the larger logos and first attached with modpodge to the shirt and back of the cape.  It would have been just OK leaving it like this but I wanted it to be more secure especially since my boy has to wear his costume a few times this year, so I hand stitched around the outer part of the logos on both the shirt and cape

And that's it - super easy and simple DIY Batman costume! Here's my guy reading to fight crime :)

*I bought my sweatpants and shirt from Walmart in the toddler section for $3.88/each. The foam sheets were less than $1 each and the Batman mask and cape was $9 - totaling under $20!

Next up is Ella's costume - a black kitty cat.  Not just a cat, a black kitty cat. Make sure to say it like that when you see her or she'll get mad :)

For the black kitty cat costume you will need:

  • black leggings
  • black long sleeve leotard  (I found mine at Walmart for $9)
  • cat accessories (I found mine at Michael's and used 50% off coupon making them $10)
  • gold sequins + super glue  (optional)

Since Ella's being a black cat, sorry, a black kitty cat, that's a lot of black so I thought it would be fun to bling out her cat ears.  I super glued gold sequins to them and bam, done. Her whole costume cost me about $25 and I probably could have found a store bought costume for the same or less, but I love how sleek the black is with the pop of gold :)

Her hands on her hips kill me - she's been practicing in dance class and almost has it down :)

Now onto Miss Avery's costume - a chubby bunny, or just a regular bunny. Chubby bunny is what I call her so I thought it fit.

Out of all 3 costumes, Avery's was the easiest and the cheapest.  Her total costume cost me $10! I bought the long sleeve onesie and leggings at Kohls using my 30% off coupon and the bunny accessories were from the $ store.

For the chubby bunny costume, you will need:

  • Grey long sleeve onesie
  • Grey leggings
  • Bunny accessories (I found mine at the dollar store!)

This costume doesn't need much explaining - just put everything on and you're done :) I think on Halloween I'll put a nose and whiskers on her too.

And that's how I made my little ones costumes this year. I LOVE doing stuff like this and I'm happy they don't know any different to bug me for a store bought costume, I'll be so sad when that day comes!


  1. All of these are sooo stinkin' cute! Great job, Mama! Also, you have some adorable costume models. ;)

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