Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Miss A's Pink & Gold 1st birthday party

We threw our littlest baby her first birthday party over the weekend and it was just perfect! We chose the same venue as Ella's first birthday party because it is just so awesome. It's through a park district and has 2 rooms, one has a carousel inside with tables accommodating 100 people and the connecting room is a huge jungle gym area.

Ever since I had Avery, I knew I wanted her first birthday party to be pink and gold. It just so happened to be her golden birthday too :)

I saw an invitation I loved from Etsy but decided to DIY it since I love to DIY and I love to save money. #winwin.

I LOVE how it turned out! Definitely my favorite invite I've made to date.

I was terrible about taking pictures of all the decor I made before the party so you'll see them all as they were the day of.  

It was a morning party so we had breakfast foods; bagels, muffins, donuts, coffee, juice, milk. It was perfect {in my opinion :) }

I made the above banner garland but when it came time to set it up the circles kept flipping - I should have been less lazy and put the circles on both sides. #ohwell

I took clothespins I had on hand and covered them with gold glitter - so easy and a fun extra touch

Even though it was a morning party we still needed a sweet table! Duh. It's one of my favorite things to do at a party. I made all the desserts with the exception of the cake and m & m's (wish I invented those, lol)

I took giant marshmellows and dipped them in pink chocolate then added gold sprinkles, there were pretzel rods and oreos made the same way.

My awesome aunt made the cake again - seriously she is soooo good!! 

I made the topper by cutting out the word one on gold cardstock and taping/gluing it to straws.

I bought the pink cups from the dollar store and used glitter tape (from Hobby Lobby) to add 1's to each of them. Completely unnecessary but totally necessary at the same time

I also took gold paint and poured it inside a mason jar and that's what held the straws.

I got this giant poster board made at Costco for $15 showcasing her cake smash pics.

Now for some party pics! On the jungle gym side, we surrounded Avery with foam pieces and put her in the middle and I swear she knew she was the princess of the day! She sat there and loved when everyone would come up to visit her. It was sooooo cute!

 How cute is a baby on a carousel horse!? Just the cutest in my book.

Ha, she looks less than impressed but she totally loved it

My in laws visiting Avery in her foam throne :)

My cousin Sarah with the birthday girl, such a cute pic!

My sister, nephew and my Mom

Time to sing! Again, she totally knew it was her day and was BEAMING when everyone sang happy birthday to her. 

Girlfriend was LOVING her cake

And that's a wrap on Avery's golden first birthday party! It was such a fun time and I loved planning and crafting every part of it! Although, I was so happy to not throw another huge party at our house given Brayden's was just a month ago. I swear we are still recovering from that party

Our little Ella turns 3 in a couple of weeks but since that's not a huge milestone birthday, we are definitely keeping things low key around here. 

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