Tuesday, August 4, 2015

{DIY} birthday hat

Since my sister in law was going to take Avery's cake smash pics for me, I knew I wanted her to look super cute!

I of course couldn't decide on what color scheme I wanted to go with for her...do I match her room colors since I'll be framing some pics in there, or do I go with her birthday party colors? Big decisions over here people :)

I ended up with a mix - light pink, white, teal. While at Hobby Lobby one day I found this adorable necklace and cute matching pink bloomers that I knew would be just perfect! The last thing I would need was a birthday hat (lord willing she would even keep it on!) 

Of course I couldn't find exactly what I wanted and I'm too cheap  frugal to order one, I decided to make my own!

Here's a quick, easy tutorial to make one of your own :)

You will need:

  • This template printed on whatever color paper you would like
  • Ribbon in the color of your choice
  • Glitter tape (not needed but adds a fun pop)
  • Thin elastic string (found by the sewing section of the craft stores)
  • Tissue paper in the color of your choice
  • Glue gun

Step 1.

Print your template out on your paper.  Cut it out and follow the instructions how to fold it together. I added some glue in the back to make sure it would stay shut

Step 2.

Punch a tiny hole at each end of your party hat where your sting will go through later. You can use a push pin for this and circle it around a little to make the hole a little bigger than the pin hole.

Step 3.

Start super gluing your ribbon around the bottom.  I chose to do a folded over look because it wasn't looking right just putting it flat around.

Step 4.

Add ribbon to the top of the hat

Step 5.

Make your tissue paper pom pom - take a few pieces of tissue paper and fold it into a rectangle. Choose whatever size you would like. Smaller will make a smaller pom pom, larger will make larger - While folded, cut slits almost to the bottom. This picture is when I was done with my cuts and opened it up. 

I folded it back up and secured a string around the middle of it and then feathered out the strips I cut to make the pom pom (wish I would have take a picture of this, sorry!!)

I then super glued my pom pom to the top of the party hat.

Step 6.

If you're adding a number using your glitter tape, cut it out and put it on your party hat.

Now you're done and left with a super cute party hat!!

 And here's my little gal all done up for her cake smash photos! I LOVE how they turned out!!


And just for giggles, here's a side by side of each baby with their smash cakes. Ella was definitely the most interested, and Brayden, well, you can see he was the most dis-interested LOL

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