Monday, August 24, 2015

easy peasy scrapbook

Happy Monday friends! Today I'm sharing with you my latest scrapbook - along with tons of extra details that I'm sure you could do without :)

I love scrapbooking. It's something that I definitely don't have as much as time as I would like to devote to it, but I still love it when I can.

When I had Brayden, I knew I wanted to do a scrapbook for his first year, full of his first: holidays, food, haircut, birthday party, etc. I also threw in fun pages of my growing belly, his arrival, his nursery, and more.  I loved this scrapbook so much and was so proud when I actually finished by his 1st birthday!

This is the scrapbook I bought for him - I was so happy to find such a cute and fun album because that's exactly what I wanted. I didn't want it to look modern, or really pretty and nice, just young and fun. 

12" x 12" Noah's Ark Post Bound Scrapbook Album
Then I had Ella Bella, and I think it was like 6 months before I had even thought about starting her scrapbook! I went back to Hobby Lobby in search for another cute and fun book and was so happy to find this one.  I have never been one for pink or girly stuff buy wow has having girls changed me. I am instantly drawn to anything girly now. (I can't find this on the HL website but I always still see it in the store)

I think I finished Ella's 1st year scrapbook just a little after she turned 1, not that bad for the 2nd child :)


When I was pregnant with Avery I already knew that I of course would do a scrapbook for her too. It's only fair and like I said, I really do love scrapbooking when I have the time.

After I had here, I would search here and there at the craft stores & online for another fun, cute scrapbook.  I kept coming up empty everywhere I looked.  So I would get annoyed and stop looking for one and put making her scrapbook on the backburner (I had no time to work on it anyway, hello 3 kids!) 

Fast forward to Avery turning 10 months and I had not even started her scrapbook, let alone gotten an album! I was getting more annoyed when again my searches were coming up with nothing. I almost settled on one I found at Joanns but couldn't bring myself to check out with it.  Nothing was fitting my "theme" I had in my head and I wasn't going to settle.

Then one day my Mom said, "Why don't you just make one? You make everything else so good, you should just make one" Thanks Mama :) But I still wasn't quite sure on how to tackle making a scrapbook.  I was not looking for any big, long project that involved fabric, cutting, gluing, etc. and still couldn't quite envision what to do.

sidenote : if you're still reading this, bless your heart! Sometimes I take forever explain simple stories. 

Anyway, I finally thought of just getting a plain fabric scrapbook then ironing on a really cute patch. My searches led me to Amazon and Etsy. (duh)

I fond this scrapbook and was instantly drawn to the dark pink color 


Then I found this adorable patch on Etsy and ordered the biggest size. I asked the seller to change the bottom of the cupcake to a different color so it wasn't pink on pink and she did just that.

Iron On Applique - Korker Dot Cupcakes

Once I got the patch I realized I needed something else to take up some space on the scrapbook cover so I decided to add Avery's name - I already had left over unfinished letters so I painted them purple.

So here is my little Miss Avery's scrapbook! So cute and fun and simple. I am just in love with it!!

Now I just need to finish it, since you know, she did have her first birthday a few weeks ago...

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