Thursday, August 13, 2015

a great day

Yesterday was a great day with my kiddos.  

We started the morning going on a nature walk at our local nature center. Brayden did his rock camp there so he showed us all around (even though I've been there countless times, even with him, he led us like it was our first time)

showing his sister the bugs through the glass

Avery was there too, she just doesn't get out of the stroller much :) #thirdkidproblems

Ella kept trying to walk these "balancing beams" by herself but couldn't and finally she did. She kept saying, "I do it myself Mommy, I do it myself!"

It was so cute to see my boy being so confident in what he was talking about there. Makes me that much more happy we signed him up for that camp. He kept saying he couldn't wait to go back next year :)

We found some frogs which was definitely the highlight of the walk.

After the nature center we went to the store to get some things to make greek yogurt popsicles - except Brayden wouldn't make his Greek, so his are Yoplait :) 

We made these super simple, literally just put the yogurt in the popsicle mold, LOL. The kids were SO excited to make them.

Once the girls got up from their nap, we headed outside to enjoy our creations.  Another item checked off our bucket list!

Ella really needs to work on her selfie skills :)

Sometimes the most simple days are the best ones. I love these little people so so much!

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