Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hello there

Hello there! I've been MIA from blogland and other social media mostly due to our annual vacation we take with the hubbys family. It feels nice to disconnect from everyone but after a while I'm always ready to jump back into a routine :)

We went back to South Haven, MI this year and it was such a good time. My in laws rented the same house we rented our first year there. It's a beautiful house steps away from the beach. The little kids had such a good time together and were pleasantly pretty good overall. 

There is this awesome wooden park there and we took the kids again this year, they loved it!


We spent our time relaxing, playing yard games, going to the beach, going for ice cream way too often, and having much needed adult beverages.

We set off a paper lantern every night and the kids were always soooo excited to watch it go


Miss A was loving crawling everywhere in the house...

She was not loving the sand however, girlfriend cried every single time we put her down in it

I took Brayden out on the kayak first and when we were coming back in I saw Ella standing with the hubs jumping up and down with excitement because she was next. She was so cute sitting in there even though all I could see was her little head from the behind :)

This picture cracks me up, pretty much sums up where we're at now in life with the kids & taking pictures...Ella wants nothing to do with it, Brayden is old enough to understand when we say just smile and get it over with, and Avery, well she is usually crying if we put her down anywhere, but especially in the sand

Yay for ice cream!

Love my little family so much!! I'm so grateful for vacation time to really spend quality time all together.

 Now that vacation is over, I'm prepping like crazy for Miss A's 1st birthday party on Saturday. This is definitely the least prepared I've ever been so close to a party, but for some reason, I'm not stressed at all...not sure if that's a good thing, LOL.

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