Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Faves

Happy Friday Y'all! ( I don't ever say y'all in real life but on the blog it always seems to fit so well)

Back when I use to work, I got off early on Fridays and this was totally me

Anyhoo, let's get right to the link up!


I know it's still summer but for some reason I can't stop thinking of my favorite season...FALL. I can almost smell the pumpkin everything that is coming our way.

Does this picture make anyone elses heart go pitter patter??!

Are you ready for FALL??? I AM!  Bucks County in the Fall. Photography by Scott Mahon

Speaking of Fall, how adorable is this outfit!?

cozy fringe scarf

Is anyone else watching the trainwreck also known as Bachelor in Paradise? Why oh why do I let myself get sucked in to these shows! I'm behind but close to catching up and I gotta say a few things.

1. Lacy's wedding dress was so wrong for her

2. How many times can Claire do a Bachelor franchise show?

3. The whole Ashley I's sister coming with was just weird and didn't really make for that great of tv. I'm sure ABC was dissapointed

4.  Ashely S isn't nearly as crazy as they made her out to be.

Even though watching the show drives me bonkers, it's still a summer favorite. 


We are finally celebrating one of my favorite girls 1st birthday tomorrow! My sweet Avery turned 1 a couple of weeks ago but due to previous planned vacations, we couldn't have her party until this weekend. 

Everything is pink and gold and fabulous. I'll make sure to post a recap next week...or next month :)


I made one of our all time favorite dishes this week for dinner - chicken and cheese taquitos by Baked Bree.  Seriously these are SO good, even the kids love them! I could eat this every week.

She has tons of other awesome recipes, if you haven't checked her out yet, go now!

chicken and cheese taquito recipe

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, I'm off to party prep like crazy for tomorrow!

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