Monday, August 3, 2015

avery Jane is ONE!

Dear my sweet, sweet Avery Jane,

Happy 1st Birthday!! Not only is it your first birthday, but it is also your golden birthday! Such a special day for sure.

I can honestly say that with you, my third baby, the first year has went the fastest.  I literally *blinked* and now you are 1. How did this happen so fast? You still seem so small to me that saying you are 1 doesn't sound right.

You are such a little sweetheart! You love to snuggle which makes your Mama so happy because your siblings were not much the cuddlers as babies. But you? You snuggle with me everyday. I just hold you and you melt right into my shoulder. I love that feeling of us snuggling so much, I wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever

You are crawling!!! I'll admit I was a little worried when this was going to happen, but then I knew it was coming shortly after you turned 11 months and on 7/14 you were off :) You love to crawl! It's so cute watching your little butt and legs take you all over the place. You love to crawl away from us, stop, and look back at us. It cracks you up!

You finally have a tooth!! Only 9 months after I thought you were getting one :) It is definitely affecting your mood, which is understandable! I can't even imagine how it must feel for a tooth to grow and break through your gums, ouch!  I'm sure the rest will probably start popping up one after another now, poor girl!

You're sleeping is the worst it has been but I'm sure that's because of your teething. You wake up more during the night and there is really nothing that consoles you except nursing. It's a bad habit I don't want to start but the nights where you are so miserable it's my only go to and I really don't mind because as soon as you're done, you go back to bed.  You've also been getting up for the day much earlier, anywhere between 5-6 am - you can stop then anytime now :)

You are so smart! I looked at you the other day and realized just how much you truly understand. It's amazing to me that a person so small, that can't walk or talk can understand so much. We ask you how old you are and you'll put up your 1 finger, you wave hi and bye, you can play so well with your toys and you actually understand how they work, you are always the page turner when we are reading books, if you have something in your hand and I ask to see it, you extend your arm all the way out to show me and so much more that I'm sure I'm forgetting right now :)

You love to eat! No surprise there though, your brother and sister loved food so much at this age too. You eat food faster than we can put it on your plate! Your favorite fruit is watermelon and your favorite veggie is sweet potatoes. You can eat these all day long if I let you.

You're nicknames are Miss A, A Jane (give by Ella), munchkin butt & love bug and you answer to all of them :)

Avery, you have been such a great addition to our little family. You bring everyone so much joy and you light up every room you enter. You are truly a sweetheart and I cannot wait to watch you grow and thrive. I love you forever and a day my little love bug! Happy Birthday!

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