Wednesday, August 19, 2015

block ice fun!

You want to know how to keep your kids entertained for an entire hour? (maybe even longer, depending) Make a gigantic ice block with a bunch of random items inside, freeze it, then let them have it at!

This easy idea came from my Parents magazine and we finally got around to doing it a few weeks ago.

We literally just grabbed random items from the playroom, tossed them in a bucket, filled it about a quarter of the way, froze it, then repeated 2 more times.

The kids had SO much fun going at this thing. I did step in and help hit it a few times because otherwise they would have been there all day LOL

Brayden was cracking me up with his faces he made while smashing the ice, he was so intense :)

There you go, an easy, fun summer project for the kiddos! 

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