Monday, September 1, 2014

Avery is 1 month!

I can't believe we've already had our sweet Avery in our lives for a month! In some ways, it has gone super fast and others it seems to have gone nice and slow, if that makes sense :)

Baby girl, the past month you have become so much more alert.  The first 2 weeks I literally had to do everything I could to wake you to eat and now you are pretty much doing that on your own.

You are still eating about every 2-3 hours and nursing is going great.  At night you can sometimes make a 4 hour stretch but not usually. You usually nurse last around 10:30pm/11pm and are then up around 2:30am and then again at 6:30/7 - so really it's not that bad at all.  

You are a poop machine, literally!! Almost everytime I change you, you have a poopy diaper and then are usually mid poop while I'm changing you.  You have already pooped all over me too - and I mean literally all over me! I was wrapping you in a towel after a bath and holding you against me and you pooped all down my shirt, pants and onto my feet! Your Daddy just gave me this disgusted look and I started cracking up, how could I be mad at that!?

You kind of like tummy time - for like the first 2 minutes, then it's a scream fest.  This doesn't surprise me though.

You are so loved by your brother and sister, it really makes my heart so happy to see them so interested in you! It's funny because Brayden can be pretty rough with Ella but with you, he knows you are a tiny baby and he is so gentle and sweet.  His favorite thing about you is your little tiny pinky toe :)  Ella loves to stick the paci in and out of your mouth and she always comes up to you for a kiss.  If you are on the floor, Ella lays down right next to you and strokes your back or your head, it is just so cute to watch!

Call me crazy, but I think you know I'm your Mama when you look at me.  I can just sense it and I love that we are so connected.  I could just stare at you all day, everyday! I've seen some smiles from you, although at this point, I'm sure they are accidental, but I still enjoy them.

We love you so much Avery Jane and can't imagine our lives without you! We look forward to watching you grow (but please don't do it too fast!)

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