Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Picking!

We jumped on the apple picking bandwagon last year and it was really fun so we knew we wanted to go again this year.  I wanted to go with my sis and her family so I found a new place close to her house. When we got there (15 minutes after it opened) we couldn't believe how many people were already there, it was insane.

We walked up to a really long line and thought ok well, we have to wait to get in this place.  After a while of it not really moving, we realized that this was the line to go apple picking.  It was insane. After 1 hour of moving maybe 10 feet we left and went to another orchard 30 minutes away. That was the best decision we made!

Here are a couple pics from the first god awful place

My sister had told Brayden there was an apple launcher at this new orchard so that was of course what he wanted to check out first! I must say, it was pretty darn cool.

Happy to be freely walking around instead of standing in a never ending line....

Time for apple picking! Last year Ella was so small, this year she really got to enjoy herself! It's crazy what a difference a year makes.

So funny that all of our pics make us look like a family of 4 - poor third baby, she didn't come out of the stroller once! But to our defense, she did sleep the entire time and everyone knows not to wake a sleeping baby!

I'm so happy it ended up being a really fun family day! Brayden is still talking about that apple launcher :) 


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