Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is one of my favorite long weekends.  Our town has it's annual carnival/fest followed with a parade on Labor Day Monday.

Saturday morning we headed to the fest with my Mom and met my in laws and BIL & SIL and nieces.  All the kiddos were so excited for the rides and games!

I love this pic, Ella Bella is part of the little kid crew now and she just idolizes her older cousins!

My FIL won the basketball game, which is like impossible to win!

These kids just make my heart happy seeing them have so much fun! I think this was one of Brayden's favorite rides, he was all smiles the entire time

Ella won herself a Dora :)

How cute is she!?!?!?

Brayden is seriously so good at the dart throwing game, it amazes us every time!

Poor Ella couldn't go on most of the rides because she was too short so Daddy had to zoom her through the air to make up for it :)

She did get to go on the carousel and despite her face, she loved it.  

I snapped this pic right before the ride started - I took them on the Tilt A Whil - all I can say is O.M.G. - it's basically a saucer cup that spins around and around, but it spins so damn fast that you literally feel like you're going to fly off the little track it's on.  My niece was so scared throughout and Ella just sat there motionless, ha.  I was screaming my little head off.  I don't do rides so well anymore!

Later Saturday the hubs and I got our first date night since having Avery - we went to a new place called the Beer Market and sampled some beers and ate some yummy apps.  It was a quick one, but still a fun date night.

My handsome guy :)

This was Sunday morning - "Mom can I eat cheese its and watch Lilo & Stitch?" Sure, why not kid.

Sunday morning on our way to the parade!! Can I just say again how much I love living within walking distance to this parade?! It makes my whole year (well, almost)

Little Miss is finally big enough to enjoy the parade and she had a ball!

Avery's first parade! It was raining for most of the parade, but thankfully it was just a drizzle and no lighting or thunder :)

The best part of the parade, collecting all the candy they throw at you!!

This was Ella when it was time to go - standard Ella :)

Later we headed to a friends house for a BBQ and when the hubs put Ella in the car she immediately ran to the front and "started" to drive - she's so silly!

Another successful Labor Day weekend in the books!

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