Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Outdoor Family Pics Remix and alot of So's

So I just posted the other day about our fall outdoor family photo session outfits (somehow that post got deleted?!)... then I was browsing Pinterest and saw some other images that inspired me to completely change our look - yes, I am well aware I am crazy, and if you didn't know that little fact about me before, well know you do.

So, I had already bought all of the items needed to achieve my first "look" idea I had, but once I put together an inspiration board on Polyvore again, I just LOVED how this all looked together!  The only outfit I could salvage was Ella's with the dress and yellow cardigan so not a total waste changing my mind (anything to give myself justification)

So, onto to order that cream dress for myself, onto to order the plaid shirt for Brayden, and onto to get that chambray shirt and a similar cardigan for Avery. I also ordered new bows on Etsy for the girls.

Now I will have to find time to go return everything I originally bought...a few days ago.

See, I told you I was crazy.

But come on, isn't this look way better!? (Please just agree because I totally realize they are very similar in looks!)

New look:

Fall Outdoor Family Pics

Old look:

Family Photo Shoot - what to wear

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  1. There’s this girl that’s using ur daughter Avery saying it’s her daughter all over Facebook Chelsea Underwood is her Facebook