Wednesday, September 17, 2014

He's still my baby

Since Brayden turned the old age of 4 this year, I can tell more and more each day he is slowly becoming not my little baby anymore.  Of course he will always be my baby, but you know what I mean, now there are lots more - "I'm a big boy now, I'm 4!" "I don't want you by me" or the "Go away!"

My little man has never been much of the cuddler even though I tried my damnest to make him one. He just never wanted any part of it.  He was always too busy to sit still for 2 seconds or he wanted his own space.

Yesterday I was doing the dishes mid-day and he walked up to me with a sad look so I asked what was wrong, he replied with "I just want to snuggle with you Mom" - I literally about melted right then and there! I immediately put down the dishes I was doing and told him I wouldn't want to do anything else!!

I sat on the couch while he laid on me and stroked his beautiful blonde hair just thinking really how darn fast these 4 years have gone.  This is the boy I dreamed of and the one who made me a Mom.  I can tell our relationship is changing and evolving as he gets bigger (I can no longer smother him with kisses 24/7 like I use to do) and that's OK, but it does still make me a little sad, and that's OK too.  So as I sat there tearing up talking to my little guy about his life he looked up at me said "Mom, are you CRYING!?" like he couldn't understand why I would possibly be crying in that moment.  Kids, gotta love them! He continued with, "WHY are you crying!?" It definitely cracked me up and the tears slowly stopped.

This is a day that I will try my hardest to remember (thankfully this blog will help me if I don't) and cherish, a day where my baby showed me he is still my baby, and will always be.

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