Monday, September 29, 2014

Life Lately

Here's a look at some moments I want to remember (and a good way to dump some of my Iphone pictures!)

Warning: picture overload!

This girl, she just melts my heart! I could stare at her all day long

Little man is in gymnastics for the 2nd time and he is just loving it! He is doing so well listening to the teacher and learning, we are so proud!

This girl - she just cracks me up on the daily.  

A while ago we were at Old Navy and Brayden picked up a ring (a hideous one at that) and said that would be the ring he would ask his wife to marry him with one day! So here he is, practicing his proposal :)  I wish I would have bought that ring to show his future wife!

All 3 kiddos hanging out, makes my heart so happy!

We did a cool science experiment the other week with vinegar, baking soda and glitter and then just started adding anything else we felt like.  This boy was so amazed!! Definitely something we will be doing again

My little detective - she is just sooooooo cute I can't stand it!

Little Avery, she looks so adorable here, I couldn't resist snapping a pic!

First baby smiles!! 

This sums up Ella - eating while doing anything and everything.  

I took the kids to sports night at our park district.  It started off fun for them, but then Brayden was having a hard time sharing and things went sour real fast.  But Ella? Girlfriend had the time of her life!

Still have had some nice weather for sandbox days!! ps- little girls in t-shirts are just the cutest thing, right!?

We went to the book store the other day to pick out new Halloween books and they played on this train table for 1 hour! We have a train table at home that never gets this much love.

Rocking her baby sis :)

We just celebrating this little handsome man, my nephew's 1st birthday!! Jeez how time flies, I feel like he was just born! My sis threw a great party for him and of course, he had a blast!

So that's a little bit of what's been going on lately! Now on to take 100 more pictures with my phone this week :)

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