Monday, September 15, 2014

Ella's 2nd Birthday Party

We decided to do a small family only birthday party for Ella this year and I'm so happy we did.  With a newborn thrown into the mix, things are CRAZY these days, so a nice low key party was just what the dr ordered, and by dr, I mean me.

We all know Little Miss is OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse so that was the obvious party theme choice.  The only thing I really wish we did was have an actual live Minnie Mouse come to the party, I would have loved to see Ella's reaction to that! Oh well, there's always Disneyworld.

Let's start first with the decorations.  I didn't go too crazy, but I definitely wanted the Minnie theme to be known.  I made all of the banners with my silhouette (love that thing!)  The balloons were just plain pink and black but I had 1" white circle stickers laying around the house so decided to add those on, this was actually the kids' job and they had so much fun with it. 

These adorable cookies were made by Samantha Julien Sweets, they not only look fabulous, but they taste soooo good!  We used these as the party favors.

My amazing Aunt made this cake, ummm how freaking awesome is it!?!? As you can see a certain 4 year old boy got to it before I could snap some pics and a few balls are missing.  One thing I have learned as a parent, you can never trust a kid near a cake.

The only dessert, if you can even call it that, I made were the chocolate pretzel rods. However, they must have been a hit because there were only 2 left at the end of the night.

These were the centerpieces on the tables inside - I remembered I had 4 buckets from the Target $ spot I bought forever ago and after browsing Pinterest, I decided to whip this up using them.  I also had the leftover pink and white striped straws from Ella's first birthday. I put a piece of styrofoam on the bottom of the bucket for some height, then stuck the straw into it and taped the Minnie head to the straw.  I bought the hot pink confetti stuff at Hobby Lobby.   I thought they turned out so cute!

I snapped this pic with my Iphone so now you can understand why the quality sucks.  Sidenote, I need to really learn how to take better Iphone pics! 

This was on display right when you walked in our front door, it looked super cute in person!

Now for the party pics - I know 2 is still a very young age but I swear Ella knew this was her birthday party and had the absolute best time being celebrated.  I don't think I've ever seen her so happy!! 

My gosh, is she gorgeous!!

My hubby's side, we are growing by the minute! 


wonder if Brayden will ever smile for a pic?!

Cake Time!! 

Something about kids sitting a little table, gets me every time! So damn cute. 

Some of my family

My adorable nephew!!

This was such a fun, laid back party, and I like to think everyone enjoyed themselves! I mean how could you not, the hubby made his worlds famous ribs :)

I love celebrating my kids' birthdays, but years, please slow down! 

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