Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend re-cap

This weekend seemed to come and go way too quickly but it was still a fun one nonetheless :)

Friday afternoon my SIL came over with lunch and baby Sam.  My little nephew was a preemie and honestly you could not tell one bit when seeing him! I couldn't believe how much he had grown since the last time I saw him.  He is way too cute!

The cousins :) Couldn't believe Brayden & Ella actually laid down for this picture!

Babies with pacis = so much cuteness!

Saturday we lounged around the house all morning and Ella Bella enjoyed a pudding cup :)

I snapped this pic while she laid next to me while I was nursing Avery - I just love her cute little legs, especially in these shorts!

We then headed to a friends kids 1st birthday party where Ella proceeded to eat all of the popcorn she could find on the floor - #keepinitreal

After the party we headed over to my in laws to celebrate my FIL's 59th birthday.  Here's my niece with my girls, another super cute picture!

Sunday I took Brayden & Ella on a playdate with one of Brayden's preschool buddies and his brother.  We went to an indoor kids play place since the weather is beyond nasty right now (so so humid and hot!)

These boys were obsessed pushing the girly carts around the place, but they showed their true boy colors when they would just crash and ram them into everything and eachother.  I was so happy to get Brayden some boy play time - he is always surrounded by girls! Not that that is a bad thing, but sometimes he need boy time.

Little Miss pretty much kept to herself and had tons of fun, it was good to get Ella out and about too :)

She found her best friend, Minnie!!!!!

Sunday night Ella was so cute brushing her teeth, she is better at it than her brother!

These are from this morning.  Morning time is always mine and Avery's bonding time, she is the most alert and everyone else is still sleeping.  I could just stare at her forever.

This is the look of one tired but happy Mama!

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