Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First solo outing

So last week I finally had enough courage to take all 3 kiddos out by myself for the first time - ok, so it was only to a new park a few minutes from our house, but still! By the time I loaded everyone in the car, I felt like I had ran a marathon - but I knew these kids and I had to get out and do something, anything.

We drove until we found a park that I could park right in front of since I only brought one stroller for Avery and I can't trust Ella to hold my hand and walk for longer than .2 seconds.  Thankfully we found one pretty quickly :)

Such a big girl doing slides by herself!
The kids had a total blast at this park, way more fun than at our neighborhood park.  Maybe it was partly because they were going just as stir crazy as I was being at home for so long.

I'm not use to being at home all the time, I like to get out, go shopping, take the kids on errands, anything really.  But since I was restricted to not driving and just flat out scared to take out 3 kids, we've been home, A LOT.

Doesn't my boy look SO big here!? *tear*

Goofy faces :)

When it was time to go, they were not having it.  I had to convince them to get in the car by telling them we were having a pizza party when we got home (we really were but they needed to hear it again)

After I opened the door to let Brayden & Ella in the car (they just go sit in their carseats until I come buckle) I went and put Avery in on the other side and when I came back to the back where the kids sit, I didn't see Ella.  Brayden told me she was driving the car, this little stinker :) Always keeping me on my toes!

16 better not come too soon :(

So it may have only been to a park a few minutes away, but it was still my first solo outing with all 3 kids! Once it was all said and done, it really wasn't too bad, yet I don't think I'm quite ready for a trip to Target!

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