Monday, August 11, 2014

First Week

Well, we survived our first week as a family of 5! It's definitely an adjustment, but the best kind.

Brayden really loves Avery so much, it is just the sweetest thing to watch him go up to her and tell her she's beautiful, or so cute, but if she has a poopy diaper, you can bet your ass he's the first to run away screaming "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!"

Avery's first bath - she screamed but not as much as I thought she would

I love when babies go cross-eyed, it's so cute! 

These little ones, their world has definitely been rocked! Since I was at the hospital then home recovering, I couldn't really do much with them, but I'm so thankful and grateful for my awesome hubby, who literally took care of them 24/7 for over a week.

Hanging out with their new sister

This picture is so adorable! Little Miss just laid down right in front of Avery to check her out.  But as I look at this picture I see just how big my Ella Bella has gotten and it gets me teary eyed!

This was the delicious dinner my hubby made - chicken parm and pasta and garlic bread, but the best part is the (small) glass of wine, my first in oh so long!! It was all so damn good.  See my cute photo bomber :)

The first week was ROUGH but we managed to get through it and I am now even more obsessed with my family!

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