Thursday, August 14, 2014

Family Sign

This is a project I had pinned a long time ago and kept putting it off, but finally a few months ago, I tackled it and it has been one of my favorite projects yet! It has made such an impact in our family room and we get tons of compliments on it.

I don't think it hurts that surrounding the sign are pictures of my adorable family :)

I made some changes to the tutorial like making my sign smaller and not adding the hardware to it.

First I started off by going to Home Depot and picking up 4 furring strips - these are by the wood section and super cheap, I think they were $1 something - I got mine in the size 1" x 3" I believe as the 1" x 4" would have made my sign way too big

I had the guy at Home Depot cut them to my size for me (side note, for some reason I thought I only had to pay for what I was having cut, but it turns out they give you the rest of the pieces, something I did not know and now feel a smudge stupid for! )

When I got home, I stained my cut pieces - on the front side of the sign

Next, my hubby added some wood board pieces we had laying around to the back to hold all my strips together

 I had the hardest time fining letters for this sign! The letters in the tutorial from Pinterest were waaaay too big since her sign was much bigger so I knew I needed something smaller.  When I struck out at all of the craft stores and would not pay an expensive price tag for some custom sizes online, I randomly came across these from Walmart for $1.66 each!!  Bonus was they were already white so that saved me time with not having to paint.

I used wood glue to glue the letters to the sign, I just lined them up at first to make sure they looked good, but I didn't bust out a ruler or tape measurer to be exact.

After a day of drying, it was time to hang!!

My vision for this wall was always to put pictures up somehow but it wasn't until I saw this sign that it all came together in my little head.  I just LOVE how this looks!!

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