Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mini Vaca

So my hubby's side of the family and us do a yearly week vacation together every year, we started this little tradition 4 summers ago.  Last year we went to South Haven, MI and it was awesome.  We knew we wanted to go back there this summer but the way places book, you have to book a full year in advance.  So when we booked it last year (August) I was not pregnant and the hubby and I hadn't even for sure decided if there would be a #3.

Fast forward a few months and I got pregnant! My due date was 8/8 and since I knew I would have a scheduled c-section a week before, that put me around 8/1 - our annual vacation was to start 8/2 through 8/9! Of course we were a little sad that we would miss the vacation but we were having a baby!

To top it off, the house the family was staying at this year was a house my hubby had found and put together all the plans for with the owner, it was a brand new beach house steps away from the beach... just look at how gorgeous this place looks!

Anyway, the months leading up to the vaca the family was hoping I would go into labor just a couple weeks early so we would be able to join them, welp, that didn't happen so 8/1 was the day we welcomed our sweet baby girl! We did however say that if I felt up for it, we may come up for 1-2 days at the end of the week.

Well after 4 days in a hospital where I was pretty much confined to the bed, then home for almost 4 days doing pretty much nothing but taking pain meds and nursing every 2 hours (yeah those go together hand in hand, LOL) I was about to lose my mind come Thursday.  We decided that morning we would head up to MI after mine and Avery's dr appts.  And so we did just that :)

Of course I couldn't do much, literally I walked to the start of the beach from the house a couple of times but could never walk down by the water, I couldn't walk around town so the hubby would drive us in while everyone else walked.  I pretty much nursed around the clock and got some alone time with Avery while everyone headed to the beach on Friday.  But you know what? It was AMAZING and just what the dr ordered (although I didn't ask his permission, shhh)

I just love those toes peeking out!

Grandma Pam with my nieces and Brayden, of course, Brayden was being a stinker :)

Aunt Becca pushing Ella around :) So thankful for family that was willing to help and give my hubby a break!

MC Ella :)

My future BIL pushing the double stroller - let's just say we are really good birth control for him and my SIL!

This was Friday when everyone was at the beach (right behind me!!) I had a nice class of blush wine and relaxed outside a little while Avery slept.  I was pretty excited!

Snugglefest :)

It's a little crazy that Miss Avery had her first vacation experience at the old age of 6 days old! But hey, that's how we roll :)

Me and my handsome boy! 

My awesome hubby who fully enjoyed himself for the 1 1/2 days we were there :) 

Ice cream!

Hanging on the beautiful balcony :)

Some pictures my SIL snapped while Brayden was down by the beach

Again, being a stinker!

Another shot of the house, it was so beautiful!What wasn't so beautiful? The fact that as I'm snapping these pics of the house, my BIL is in the window mooning me, yep, that's our family!

I love this pic of me and my Ella Bella! 

I have to share some awesome pictures my SIL took, she is so damn talented!

I am sure some people think I am CRAZY for taking a 6 day old away all while recovering from a c-section, but really, it was the best decision I made! I was worried if I would regret it once we were there (you know, being so hormonal and all!) but I didn't one bit.  The kids, the hubby, and heck even me, needed a little break and this was perfect.  We are so happy we got to spend some time with the family!

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