Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week before baby

I've been off all week so I could have time to spend with my kiddos before their baby sis arrives this Friday. It's been so nice being with them all day/night but also exhausting since I am practically 10 months pregnant! It is amazing how much growing a little person takes out of you. By the end of each day I am physically in pain, but I know it's all worth it and the end is so near!

I really am soaking up this quality time with Brayden & Ella as I know my time is only going to be divided more come the next few days.  I do worry how I will balance it all once we have a newborn in the house but somehow I just know it will all work itself out.

I am so excited for our family to grow and I cannot wait to meet this little girl!!

Here's what we've been up to all week

Lots of coloring for Ella Bella and Brayden has been back into doing puzzles this week

I started baby girls baby book (and finished!!)

Went shopping for a few new items for baby girl and while at the store we couldn't find Ella, turns out she snuck under a clothes display and was very proud of herself for doing so!

Took the kids to the mall so they could play and had lunch at McDonald's or like Brayden calls it "the big M"

More puzzles!!

Spent lots of time outside - on this day I think we hung out in the sandbox alone for over an hour, we were all so messy and had so much fun

Just had to snap a pic of this little one snuggling with me, it's a rare occurrence!

Yum! Finally indulged in my carrot cake craving I've had for months.  Who cares that this was at 10am?!

We celebrated the hubby's 32nd birthday (although Brayden insisted he was 21!)

Took goofy selfies with my favorite boy!

Lots of park time!! 

girl loves her slides!

It's a little crazy to think I am 1 day away from meeting my new little princess! I have managed to keep myself so busy all week that it's finally just hitting me now! I am definitely getting more and more excited as it gets closer, but with that also comes the nerves.  I am thankful I will have my hubby right by my side and I really just can't wait until it's over so she can finally just be in my arms!

I am going to miss Brayden & Ella like crazy while I'm in the hospital but I know their Daddy will take the best care of them.  I am really looking forward to when they all come visit and we can enjoy some time as a new family of 5

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