Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday to my little man


Brayden, my firstborn, my only son, my favorite little boy, Happiest 4th Birthday to you!!!

I'm 4!!
Of course I have to say it, just where the heck did the time go?! As I sit here writing this, I am holding back tears.  I am of course just so happy that you are growing and thriving into your own person, but it makes me a little sad to see my baby boy becoming just grown up!  I have to constantly look back through pictures or videos because it’s becoming harder and harder to remember when you were a baby, when you were 1, when you were 2, and even 3! (That is called Mommy brain, son) It is so true what everyone says, time just flies by once you have kids!

Ok, on to the stuff about YOU! I’ve noticed that approaching 4 you have started this new found attitude, which you can feel free to stop at any time J If you do not like what me or your Dad has to say, you instantly have a come back, usually negative and it use to stop me in my tracks, and now it’s just so routine with you.  I am really trying to curb this behavior but I know you are just trying to find your independence in this big world and that *hopefully* this is just a small phase that will pass soon.  Of course, usually soon after you have your attitude you then come up and tell me how much you love me.

Even though you have this new attitude you are still SO sweet.  When I come home from work every day, you instantly say “I missed you so much while you were at work” and give me a kiss and a hug.  Randomly you tell me or your Dad that you just need “a big hug and kiss” – oddly this is usually right in the middle of dinner J You will tell me I am the bestest Mommy and that you love me the mostest and of course at night you always tell me “I love you back and to the moon” which I in turn say “ I love you to infinity and beyond” You are so sweet to Maxwell, you lay on the floor with him and tell him how cute he is or what a good dog he is, it’s so sweet to watch.  You can be very sweet to Ella, but then that can change in an instant as well. 

Ahh you and your sister Ella – you two have definitely formed quite the relationship over the past few months.  Some days it’s awesome and others it’s hard to watch and I am yelling at you guys to leave eachother alone.  You share things with her on your terms, but then there are times you just join in what she is doing and you guys start playing so nicely together.  Your favorite thing to do with sissy is for you to sit in her little car and have her push you around the kitchen/playroom.  You guys get a kick out of his and it is quite hysterical to watch.

Our bedtime routine goes like this, read book, turn off lights and I lay with you and proceed to tell you a story with my mouth (that is how you request it), then you ask me to rub your back, then zip it (which is me just running my fingers over it) then you ask me to do “the walking thing” (where I use 2 fingers and they pretend to “walk” on your back) then you ask me, “give me 10 kisses on my cheek faster” which means you want me to give you 10 kisses alternating cheeks as fast as I can go, then you do the same to me.  After this I then say goodnight again and try to leave but then you say “wait Princess Mommy, I want to marry you!” or you ask for another kiss and hug but say “I want to be as tall as you are” so you stand on your bed and we kiss and hug again.  It’s so so cute how you don’t want me to leave your room and I really do cherish these little moments we have every night.  I know you and me have a special bond and I hope it stays that way forever.

I can tell that preschool definitely helped you come out of your shell.  You are more confident around people and have started putting your hands over your eyes when someone talks to you less and less.

Right now it’s summer, so all you want to do is be outside, which is awesome, however being 9 months pregnant makes it a little hard for me to play with you like I use to. You are loving the swing set, occasionally the sandbox, but most of all you are really enjoying swimming!! I have loved watching you swim this summer, you get your puddle jumper on and you are all set to swim alone. Of course we are always right there in the pool with you but just to see you confidently swim alone has been so rewarding! We are so so proud of you! Your favorite toys that are you into right now are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you are pretty obsessed! You love the shows Paw Patrol and Team Umizumi

Here are some quirky things about you I don’t want to forget

  • You still cry when I wash your hair in the tub
  • You still cry when I brush your hair
  • You MUST have a toy come to bed with you every night
  • You MUST have a toy come in the car with you
  • You have to be the winner when we go up or down the stairs (even though I tell you not to do this because it is dangerous!)
  • You always have your blanket with you around the house even though we are trying to stop this
  • We let you sleep in our room on Fridays, so you want everyday to be Friday

My little boy, you are growing so much and oh so fast.  There are times I wish I could freeze time but then I just remind myself how lucky I am to watch you grow.  I am beyond blessed to be your Mama and even though you are getting bigger, you will always be my little boy! I love you more than you will ever know.

I love you to infinity and beyond my little boy

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