Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby # 3 - 36 Week Bumpdate

Due Date: 8/8/2014 --- Scheduled Repeat C-section set for 8/1!!

How far along: 36 weeks, holy cow, I can't even believe it!
How big is baby: Approx. the size of a watermelon
Weight gain: I think it's still around 36lbs, all I know is that I actually lost a pound when they weighed me last week!
Sleep:  Still on my crazy routine of starting to go to bed in our recliner then head upstairs around 12/1am where I proceed to sleep sitting up and then when I know I have an hour left before I have to get up I actually let myself lay down on my side, usually that hour is the best sleep I will get each night.
Best moment of the week:  Seeing our adorable baby girl on an ultrasound, she is so so cute!! She is in the 47th % and weighs about 6.6lbs (but of course that could be off) 

Mvement: Yep! Some days it is crazy, like I think she is going to just come right through my stomach, and others it's very mild. 
Food cravings:  I've really been wanting popcorn and sweets

Food aversions: Nope!
Maternity Clothes:  Yep!
Wedding rings: Off
Symptoms:  Heartburn, braxton hicks, round ligament pain <---- Same
Stretch Marks: I noticed the other day that I have 2 areas where small stretch marks are starting, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them because I have never had them before.  I'm praying they don't get worse.
Belly button:  The same, just looks very odd that it's so big!
Gender: A sweet adorable girl!
What I’m looking forward to:   Hopefully this week getting some stuff for the baby ready, I am so unprepared this time around, probably because I know it will all just fall into place, but still, girlfriend will need some clean clothes once she is here! 
What I miss:  Bending over, squatting down to do something and not feeling like I ran a marathon as soon as I stand up! It's crazy how uncomfortable my body feels some days!
Next appt: 7/16/14

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