Thursday, July 10, 2014

Little Getaway

A few weeks ago we took the kids to Lake Geneva for a few days.  We booked this well in advance and I just kept praying that this baby would stay in so we could go.  Well she did, and we went, and it was such a great little getaway!

This is the first time we went away for a few days with the kids (just the 4 of us) and it was really so nice.  They had SO much fun which made the trip even that more great.

We stayed at a family resort right in town that has the best pool for kids, the only downside is that the weather was not the greatest so we only got to use the awesome outside pool a couple of times for a short amount of time.

The resort also had a super yummy restaurant that had the BEST virgin spicy bloody marys, I'm sure they are even better with alcohol.

Day 1 - after we had lunch at the super yummy restaurant we headed out to the pool while the weather was still decent.  We only got about an hour outside until it started storming so we headed to the indoor pool.

Later that night we walked to the little town and browsed some stores and ate outside.  The place we ate at wasn't the greatest but it was OK, we were just having so much fun being together with NO AGENDA. I usually always have an agenda or something planned and this was the first time I didn't and it was awesome.

After dinner we headed for ice cream, of course!! (you will start to see a trend with us getting ice cream)

At night we headed back to the hotel and went down to the little arcade room they had.  Brayden had so much fun and Ella was beyond tired but stuck it out like a champ.

Her face says "really Mom, I should be in bed!!"

The next day was really crappy out when we woke up.  We headed into town for breakfast which was delish then did a little more store browsing.  I somehow managed not to buy anything for myself or our house on this trip, that's pretty much amazing.

We did stop at a little souvenir store and I just had to get some fudge and taffy, and little man picked out a new blue marble - he's really into marbles these days.

Since the weather stunk, we headed back to the indoor pool where the kids had so much fun swimming.  It was this trip that really got Brayden to explore the water by himself (wearing his puddle jumper of course) and we really couldn't have been more proud of him! He has always been reserved around pools and here he just let go of his fears and swam for hours and hours without anyone holding him.

Couldn't resist a picture of Ella Bella in a towel, is there anything cuter?!?

After a couple hours of swimming, we headed back to our room and the kids and I took a super long nap while the hubs headed to the restaurant bar to watch some World Cup action.  I didn't plan to take a nap, it just sort of happened and it was heavenly.  I don't think I've taken a nap in 2 years, maybe even longer!

Once the hubs came back to the room he suggested we go mini golfing

We only got clubs and balls for the kids to play since we knew us playing too would just not happen.  Turns out Brayden handled his game very well and needed no help!

Ella Bella on the other hand had some serious lack of concentration issues :) She would try and hit the ball one second and the next be running away from us almost landing in the waterfall area - she definitely kept us on our toes!

Later we went to dinner at a really yummy restaurant then headed to get more ice cream :)

Right when we came outside to eat our ice cream it started pouring, I'm talking down pouring! We stayed under the restaurant canopy outside and finished and then decided to walk run back to the hotel - For some reason watching the hubs push the double stroller while running put me into a full on laughing attack, I was behind them trying to keep up, but clearly couldn't.  We were soaked by the time we got back to the hotel, but it for some reason it was so funny to me! 

The day we were leaving was of course the nicest day we had.  We started out by going out to breakfast then went back to the room to pack everything up.  We decided to stay past check out and take advantage of the fun outdoor pool :)

Now that's a BIG belly :)

We didn't get any pictures but I do have a video of Ella literally going down the little slide into the water about a gagillion times, the girl is so funny, when she finds something she likes, she will not stop!

After a couple hours outside it was time to head home.  Brayden kept saying how much fun he had on vacation and would bring up everything we did while there.  Although there are times when I hate how fast time is going and how big he is getting, it is pretty cool to watch him experience these fun moments and actually know what's going on and be able to express how much fun he had.

Can't wait for our next little getaway! That time we will be a family of 5!!!

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