Thursday, July 24, 2014

Brayden's 4th Birthday

I still can't believe my baby is 4!! 

Here's a little 4th birthday recap:

I had to snap this pic the night before his birthday, this was his last night as a 3 year old!! I couldn't help but tear up a little watching him sleep (sidenote: do other parents do this or I am the only creep? I always watch my kids sleep!)

When woke up he was 4!! He was pretty darn excited about it too

We started the morning trying to get the little man to open the presents me and the hubs got him but he just wasn't into it - now tell me what kid sees presents wrapped for them and does NOT want to open them!? My kid, that's who. He is very sweet in that he always wants to do everything with us so opening his presents was no exception, but we kept telling him that we were the ones who got him the presents so we couldn't open them.  Finally after about an hour, he opened them! One of his gifts was Kinetic Sand - if you haven't heard about this stuff you're missing out -  It held his attention for well over an hour and little sis even got to join in

After he opened our gifts, my in laws and SIL and future BIL came over for a birthday breakfast.  They picked up food from a local diner and we ate like crap good that morning! After he opened their presents they headed home and we all just relaxed for a little.  When it was time to put Ella down for a nap my Mom offered to come over to watch her so we could take our birthday boy to a local children's amusement park.

We got there and quickly realized it was a little lame - even Brayden thought it was lame, just not in those words of course.  We did a few things and then realized only 10 minutes had passed and we didn't want to take him home just yet so we decided to go see a movie - How to Train Your Dragon 2 - it was really cute and I never saw the first but still really enjoyed it.  Our little guy was getting restless towards the end and super tired but he made it.  

He looks thrilled, doesn't he?!

sooo tired!

When we got home, my Mom, sister, BIL, nephew, cousins, aunt & uncle came over for pizza and cake.  We let the little man stay up super late that night and shocker - he was still up super early the next day!

The next day was Brayden's little kid party, he was so excited to see his friends from school and his cousins! The party was at a place called Firezone.  It is geared towards little kids and is both educational and fun.  There are real firefighters who take you through sections of the "firehouse" and explain what happens during a fire and what firefighters do.  The firefighter gave Brayden the white fire hat since he was the Fire Chief and in typical Brayden fashion, he cried when the firefighter put it on his head.  We told him it was OK and I just made sure to stay close to him in the beginning until he felt comfortable.

Finally a smile!

Took him a while but he finally went down the pole!

Ummm, how cute is my little fire chief Ella!? Girlfriend was all over the place here and loving it!

Brayden and his preschool buddies, these boys are so cute when they are together!

All the little kiddos!

Honestly, there is nothing better than seeing pure joy and happiness through your child's eyes! My heart melts when I see them happy!

Once the fire house part of the party was over, it was time for cupcakes! It was really cute seeing all Brayden's little friends asking to sit by him, you could tell he didn't know what to do!

The party was only 90 minutes but honestly didn't feel rushed at all and I think it's safe the say that everyone had a ton of fun - so much so that when we were leaving, one of Brayden's buddies was begging to come home with us, he even went to our car with Brayden and wouldn't leave the cars side.  His mom had to grab him and take him to their car and he cried the whole way! Brayden was also crying because he didn't want to leave - he even managed to say "I'm so sad my party is over" in between crying.  We had a good laugh over this, these boys are just too cute I swear!

I think our boy had the best 4th birthday possible, I mean he basically celebrated for 2 straight days! We love you little guy!!

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