Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day 2013

This year Labor Day weekend was SO much more fun than last years.  Last year I was in the hospital over Labor Day weekend trying NOT to go into labor.  How’s that for comical?! It all started when my water broke in the wee early hours of 8/31.   There was a chance that would have been Ella’s birthday if it were up to the dr on call, he was scheduling a 6am c-section, but my dr seemed to have different plans.  He thought since I wasn’t actually in labor (yeah, didn’t know your water could break and you could NOT be in labor) that I needed to be admitted on bedrest and wait it out.  I was on bedrest for a week before Ella was born, so needless to say, last Labor Day weekend I was bored off my little butt and pretty sad I was missing all the fun festivities my hubby and little man were doing.  

We started the weekend with Ella’s birthday party, (a post to come soon on that!) The rest of the weekend we went to the annual fest in our town and to the parade.  It was so fun to see Brayden partake in everything this year!  He was so into playing all of the carnival games, I think he played each game 4-5 times, no joke, Dad’s empty wallet can vouch for this :) We ended the first day at the fest taking Brayden on the tilt a whirl.  For anyone who doesn't know what this is, it's a giant saucer you sit in and it just constantly spins around.  You can make it spin faster if you want, which of course the hubby wanted, so this Mama spent the entire ride screaming her head off.  All while my boys weren't even phased.  I would have a picture of us on this ride but my Mama is severely smart phone challenged, instead of pictures, she took 6 1 minute videos of us on the ride just smiling at her before it started.  I think Brayden can teach her a thing or two :)

The parade in our town is so fun.  We live within walking distance to where the parade starts so the hubby went early on Monday and put a blanket down to save us a good spot.  My aunt and cousins joined us and my in-laws were there too with their neighbors.  I think it’s safe to say Brayden’s favorite part of the parade was collecting all of the candy everyone was handing out! He was so cute, grabbing every single piece he saw on the ground. 

My Aunt & Cousins

Ella's 1st Labor Day Parade!

My cousins - love these girls

Max was BEAT after the parade so Daddy gave him a ride

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