Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ella Turns 1

Happy 1st Birthday to you my sweet little Ella Bella!!! I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since you flipped our world upside down when you decided to come 2 months early.    Some days it seems like just yesterday we had you and others it seems like you have been with our family always.  I can’t believe how far you have come in 1 year, you make me so proud to be your Mama!

I know I am of course biased, but you are seriously the cutest little girl in the world!! I am constantly in awe of your beauty.  I’ll make sure to not tell you this all the time starting those pre-teen years, we don’t need this going to your head, he he

You really are a laid back baby for the most part.  You have learned to just go with the flow, probably something that is very common with being the 2nd child.  I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know!

You are pretty serious most of the times, you make me work HARD to get those giggles and smiles, yet, your big brother just walks up to you and you laugh so hard! Even with your serious faces you are so darn adorable!!

You and your brother are starting to form a relationship and it’s beautiful to watch.  I think he’s happy you are at a point where you can sit and play.  He does like to steal whatever you are playing a lot of the times, but he is good about coming back and sitting with you.  I love when he does take your toy, you give him a look like “hey dude, that was mine” but yet you really aren’t even phased by it.  You just find something else to play with.  I know your relationship with your brother is only going to grow stronger these up coming months.  I can already see you two running around the yard playing together, nicely I hope :)

You are just about the crawl! I mean  you are right there, I say within the week you will be taking off.  You crawl backwards but haven’t gotten down forwards yet.  I have a feeling you will be our baby that wants to go everywhere and get into everything, something totally opposite of your brother.  We have baby proofing on the to do list ASAP!

You love to stand, although you cannot pull yourself up yet, if anyone grabs your arms you go right into the stand position and then are all smiles! I know you want to stand/walk so bad but I think we are still a ways away from that, which I am totally OK with!

You say Mama & Dada and some other mumblings.  I love to hear your little voice, it is just so sweet and cute! You love to clap and wave bye bye too.

You have started really interacting with Maxwell – he is such a good dog, not only does he let Brayden beat him up play with him, he lets you grab and pull at his hair.  He just lays there and takes it.  He gets you back though with big wet kisses, although you don’t seem to mind, you just open your mouth wide when he comes at you.  

Baby girl, you have been the perfect addition to our family & we love you more than you will ever know.  

Happy 1st birthday to a very special little girl, my sweet Ella Bella!!

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