Monday, September 23, 2013

Toddler Funnies & A Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I had NO idea just how funny toddlers could be! My little man is my very own mini comedian and best of all, he’s free J I have been taking note lately of the stuff he has been saying because it is just down right hilarious! (At least in this Mama’s eyes) I also bought a quote book from Paper Coterie so I can jot down the funny statements in there to show him when he is older.  I know we are only in the very beginning stages of the funny stuff Brayden will say, but I still want to make sure I remember this!

I realize this may not be funny to anyone else besides me and the hubs and that is just fine J

I think it is more the way my little guys says these things rather than what he is actually saying.  His voice is just so darn cute and sometimes it seems he has an accent when he talks, which makes these things even funnier. 

  • Sitting at the dinner table a month or so ago and Brayden says “I’ll be right back!” then proceeds to get up, look at us, and walk backwards out of the kitchen.  Of course we made him come right back!
  • Sometimes my little guy will tell me “I have to show you something!” and bring me somewhere in the house, then says “Wait right there!”
  • When putting him to bed, now when I am walking out of his room, he says, “Do not run away from me!” I swear, I am not running…
  • The other week I asked him to eat his dinner and replied back to me with “Mom, are you crazy?!” Oh wow, this one had me laughing out loud
  • Whenever I ask him a question, like, what do you want to do today, he replies “ Hmmm let me think! …. I know, I know!” then says what he wants.
  • The other day he was trying to kick my legs and was saying “Take that you big bully!” Now this one had both me and the hubs turning our heads away to quickly let out a laugh, then we immediately told Brayden that was not funny.  We kept asking where he heard that because I have never heard his little Disney & Sprout shows talk like that…he finally told us it was Fred Flinstone.  Way to go me for letting him watch that…
  • The other day he told me “Thank you for cleaning up my house” –the kid’s not only funny, but thoughtful
  • If I am telling him to stop doing something he says “STOP talking to me!” He usually pushes his hand out in front of him while saying this too – I try so hard to keep a straight face when he does this!
  • Not only does he say funny things, he says the sweetest things, my favorite so far has been "I love you back and to the moon" - melt my heart!

As I mentioned above, I purchased my Quote book from Paper Coterie and love love love it! I was able to personalize the front and there is an option to upload pictures for the inside.  I chose not to do this because I know Brayden is just at the start of saying funny things and I didn’t want all of the pictures in the book to be from when he was younger, I want this book to last through his early childhood.  I thought I could always add pictures in later, but it is such a nice option that you can upload and have them be on the pages.

If you haven’t seen the products Paper Coterie offers, I’m telling you, go now and check out this site.  It is AMAZING! They offer a variety of different products and I know any Mom who is as obsessed with their kids as I am, would love to have anything from their site.  And the good people over at Paper Coterie are extending their love and offering 1 person a credit to their site for anything your little heart desires, up to a $42 value, plus free economy shipping, how sweet is that?!! I am beyond excited to be working with them on my very first giveaway, just enter below for a chance to win! 

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