Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ella's Cake Smash

I was so excited when my sister in law said she would take pictures of Ella's cake smash.  She is so talented with photography and has some major editing skills.  This is just a hobby for her though as she works full time and has 2 little ones of her own.

I was scouring Pinterest to find some cute cake smash photos for inspiration and decided to make a cute banner for the background and a cute party hat.  Both which were so easy to do.

I was a little unsure how Little Miss would do with the cake since she just started really eating table food.  I don't know why I was even worried, this little girl LOVES cake!! And she loves smashing it!! 

And now for a side by side shot of Brayden vs Ella when it comes to cake smashing - They are already so different :)

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