Monday, September 16, 2013

Apple Picking

This was our first time apple picking as a family and my very first time ever, so I was extremely excited :) Doesn't take much to excite me, huh?! :)

Brayden was so excited about apple picking and my mom said on Friday (the day before we went) they were watching Cailou and he actually went apple picking, so I think that got the little man even more excited than he already was. Little man loves him some Cailou - thankfully my Mom had to endure the pain of watching it and not me.

The apple farm we went to was about an hour away but the drive didn't seem bad at all.  When we got there, there was so much to do! We decided to do some fun activities before going into the orchard to pick apples.

There were a few jumpy houses but of course, Brayden wouldn't have any part of them.  Usually he will do things if I do them with him, but not bouncy houses! He just likes to observe the other kids.

We sat and watched a magic show, this is where I snapped this adorable picture of Miss Ella Bella - She makes my heart so happy!

We had someone snap this shot of us when we first got in

By far I think this was Brayden's favorite activity at the farm - playing in corn.  He did not want to get out. He found a little friend who also didn't want to leave, it was pretty funny.

Now we were on the tractor getting ready to drive to the orchard (I don't know why in every picture Brayden looks miserable, always, I promise this is so not the case!)

Yay for apple picking!

Cutest girl in the orchard :)

Brayden was really excited to take a picture on this tractor, so cute!

After apple picking we watched a pig race which was very entertaining and went down a fun slide. After a few hours we headed home.  Our first apple picking adventure was a success and so much fun.  I am excited to start this as our own family tradition that we will do every year.

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