Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm back today linking up with Darci over at the Good Life for Five on Friday - I love this link up, it's so fun and I look forward to it all week :)

*One*  I have been working like a dog this week trying to get ready for Ella’s 1st birthday party! All of my hard work will finally pay off tomorrow! Can’t wait to share pics of it, if it’s anything like I’m visioning, it will be super cute!  Here’s a peak at some decorations.  Yes, I blinged out the cups - #iamsothatmom

*Two* This weekend we will be heading to our towns yearly fest.  Brayden will have so much fun which has me really excited. It’s funny to think back how I went to this for years as a kid, teenager, young adult and spent my time hanging with friends & drinking and now I get to bring my kids here (and still have a drink or 2 J ) It seems like I blinked and I am where I am today from those days. 

*Three*  It’s been more than 24 hours since I have seen my kids and I’m counting the seconds until I am out of work today! Yesterday I had a work function right after work and didn’t get home until 10pm and when I left for work in the morning both kids were passed out.  Usually Brayden is up and I get a few minutes to kiss him good morning and give hugs but nope, not yesterday, and not today either! I am looking forward to some quality time with them

*Four*  Bought our dog Maxwell’s Halloween costume – he will be the perfect Dino to our little Flinstone family J

*Five*  I am getting crazy thinking about all the fun stuff I want to plan for Fall! Just downloaded this free fall printable to keep us going with the activities.  I guess I could wait a couple more weeks to put it out J

Fall Bucket List Printable

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