Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013

I can’t believe we've already been back almost a week since our vacation, makes me sad just thinking about it! For the past 3 years, including this year, my husbands side of the family has all gotten together for an annual vacation.  There are 10 adults and 4 kids in total now and it is such a blast!  This year was probably my favorite year, I wasn't pregnant and so exhausted like last year and the house we stayed at this year was so beautiful! Not that the others haven’t been, but this was definitely the most gorg! Don’t believe me? See for yourself

That beauty is located right across the beach in South Haven, MI.  This is our first time to South Haven and it is simply beautiful.  So relaxing, so pretty, so much to do.  The landscaping everywhere caught all of our eyes, the prettiest gardens I've seen.  (I recently became really interested in gardening so I’m sure I’ve seen prettier, just never paid attention)

I think it’s best to recap the trip day by day

**Day 1**  Our drive doesn’t start out the best with the kids screaming and crying, but soon enough they were knocked out J We hit a ton of traffic and accidents but finally made it.  We went to lunch at a place called Captain Nemo’s where it took – and I am not exaggerating – 1 hour to get a grilled cheese, a BLT and a burger. We went to the house after lunch and unloaded the car.  My SIL and I went to the grocery store to get a bunch of stuff we needed then we all headed into town for dinner.  The first night was only half of us so we figured eating out would be easiest….guess again.  It was Sat night and the restaurants were crazy packed.  We put our name in for a Mexican place that smelled delish and they told us within an hour…with 4 kids we knew it would be risky but we decided to wait.  After almost 2 hours and no sight of ever getting a table, we walked back home and stopped and got food along the way to bring back.  

**Day 2**   This was Sunday and actually a decent looking day.  I started the morning by going on a run with my SIL. After eating a ginormous breakfast (so much for that run!) we went to the beach, it was so nice being able to literally walk across the street and be there…what was not so nice was dragging our double stroller through the sand.  I made sure to pass this job along to the hubby when he was with me.  We played for a little while then headed back to the house. This night was our night to cook dinner for everyone – on these trips each couple takes a day to make dinner – it’s pretty fun J The hubs made his famous ribs and I made homemade twice baked potatoes and a caprese salad, it was so yum.  We then put the kids to bed (which was always nothing short of a miracle) then would sit outside and relax and have some drinks – This is pretty much how every night ended.

Nice boogers little man :)

**Day 3**  We woke up to some crummy weather but still nice enough to be outside.  We took the kids to this awesome HUGE wooden park they have in town, we had to drive but it only took 5 minutes.  The kids (and me!) had an amazing time here, it was so nice to take them to blow off some steam.  After the park myself, my 2 SIL’s and my MIL all headed out of town to visit some wineries.  We did some tastings and bought a lot of wine and ended our little trip at a fudge shop.  It was so fun to get out for a little kid free!! 

**Day 4**  Started my morning off with another run with my SIL – it was so nice running through this beautiful town – something I already miss.  We all took a drive into the town Saguatuck, MI for a little shopping.  The shops here are beyond cute so needless to say I did some damage J  We all went out for lunch and had a fun day hanging in this town.  This night the last of us finally arrived, my SIL and her boyfriend.  We all spent the night hanging around the house.

**Day 5**  We went into town this day and some of us stopped and did a tasting while the others went to eat – the hubs took the kids with him on this day so I took full advantage J  I was on a mission this day to get some more shopping done, I wanted to find a Christmas ornament since I always collect one wherever we go, and I wanted to find something for my Mom who was back home watching our dog and house.  We went to the beach again later this day then headed back to the house to get ready for siblings night out! My in laws were nice enough to watch all 4 kiddos while we all went out for the night.  We started at a tapas restaurant where they had the best food, not to mention the best martinis to go with! After stuffing our faces we headed to a bar for a few drinks then headed home.  We were being a little obnoxious when we got back and my MIL had to remind us to be quiet a handful of times, this just made us louder as it was so funny to be getting “yelled” at at our age, we felt 18 again, which was kind of nice :)

**Day 6**  Wanted to wake up and run this day but my body wouldn’t let me from the night before, ha ha.  Thankfully when I did get up I didn’t feel too bad.  Everyone except my SIL went golfing this day so we hung around the house with the kiddos for a while then walked into town to do a little more shopping.  I had to get Brayden a tie dye shirt and he chose to have Mickey put on it, it’s so adorbs!! I got myself and the hubs a t-shirt too and after we left realized I didn’t get one for Little Miss! Bad Mommy moment.  After shopping I put Ella & Brayden down for naps at the house and when they got up we all headed to the beach.  Some of the family met us a couple hours later and the rest of the guys who golfed longer met us after that.  We ended up spending hours at the beach this day, it was sooooooooooo nice and Ella was being so cooperative which I so appreciated! This was our last full day so I was so happy to be spending it with everyone at the beach. We headed back and made a ton of food and just hung out.  I went to bed early this night, but not as early as the hubs, I think he was sleeping at 9:30, but I don’t blame him, I would have been too if it was my turn to put Brayden to bed.  We had to lay with him every night and that kid can stay up late so usually we would just pass out. It was nice to actually catch up on sleep on this vacation.

**Day 7** Woke up and ran with my SIL again, it felt so good.  Came back and everyone was making a huge breakfast – this was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  We were leaving this day so we got the car all packed up but before we could head out, we took our family picture for my MIL’s Christmas card.  It turned out soooooooooo good!

Best Family :)

And now we’re back and it seems like a distant memory.  Thankfully I took over 400 pictures to remind me of it :)

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