Monday, August 12, 2013

Goals for Motherhood

Ahhh it’s my first day back to blogging since our week long vacation – I will have much to post about that but first, I wanted to link up with Becky again because this topic really excited me.

Goals for Motherhood

I have never really jotted down my goals for motherhood, randomly I would tell myself things like, be more patient, enjoy all the moments (even if I want to cry at times) etc.  I thought this was a good link up subject because now I could write down my goals, and hopefully achieve them throughout this amazing journey called Motherhood.

First and foremost, I really want to learn to be more patient – I’m sure this will be on a lot of Mom’s lists and if not then kudos to you! This is something I definitely lack.  Sure, I definitely have more patience now that I’ve had kids, but it’s still not to where I would want it to be.  This is a daily struggle for me and I make myself aware and accountable and this has really helped me.  I hope that my patience only grows stronger – with my children, husband, and anyone around me.

I want to be a loving Mother, one who is always showing affection to my kids.  I definitely do this now and I’m sure it’s to the point where my kids just want me to go away :) I just hope it is always this way – obviously when they are teenagers I can’t hug and kiss them 1000 times a day but I hope we can all always show some kind of affection towards eachother.

I want to be close to my kids – I want them to trust me and know they can come to me with anything.  I want open communication – good or bad.  I literally pray for this but I know I can only do so much to ensure this happens.    

I want to be the fun Mom! I want to encourage my kids to play through imagination and I want to be right there next to them joining in the fun.  I want to always have special time where we bake cookies or some kind of special treat.  I want to be the kind of Mom who can be spontaneous.  I want to create the best experiences for my children, because that’s what I am all about – the experience.

I want to create tons of family traditions.  Most of which will come with the holidays – dying Easter eggs, visiting the Easter Bunny, making homemade Christmas ornaments, visiting Santa, building a snowman every year together, driving around to look at lights, I would love to start a tradition when my kids are older where we volunteer every Christmas holiday, I think that would be so great.  I want to have annual mini vacations to certain spots during the summer and the winter, something to look forward to year after year.

Most of all – I want to raise well rounded, loving, kind children. I want them to remember all the memories we make throughout the years and when they are older I hope they can see just how much I and their Daddy love them.    

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