Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sibling Love

It’s happening…slowly, but surely, I can see it, a relationship developing between my 2 little ones.  Ella is 11 months now (adjusted to 9 ½) so she is very engaging and playful.  Brayden has taken notice to this so he has started including her when we play.  *So sweet to watch*

It’s the little things I am noticing more and more.  If Ella starts to whine, Brayden grabs a toy and hands it to her.  Sometimes he just sits down next to her and talks and shows her some of his toys.  He has started showing her how to use some of his old toys that we have pulled out for her.  He will sit and play tea with her, pouring her cup after cup and talking to her the whole time.  Ella just looks at him with the biggest grin – I imagine her thinking “he likes me, he really likes me!” Anytime Brayden shows her attention, she is just smitten.  Of course there are also the times where he takes what she is playing with and doesn’t want to share so nicely, but once we intervene he seems to get back on the right track. 

Now he doesn’t play with her all too often but when he does, I stop what I am doing to just watch.  I take it all in and see that the 2 people I love most in this world are connecting, building a sibling foundation that I hope continues to grow only stronger over time.  My wish for these 2 is to be friends, have eachothers backs, be kind to one another, learn to fight and be able to make up, to love eachother unconditionally.  Yes, this what I want so badly for them.  I know I can only do so much and I just pray that their love and friendship blossoms and they grow up actually liking eachother


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