Monday, December 15, 2014

weekend recap - traditions edition

Another weekend gone and we are that much closer to Christmas! Ahh! This weekend we did some of our yearly traditions and we had so much fun.

Friday morning I took little man to school and stayed to talk about one of our traditions.  We talked about chopping down our Christmas tree and I was so proud of my little guy for telling his class all about this tradition of ours.  Seriously, a year ago, heck maybe even 6 months ago, he would have NEVER talked in front of his class like he did.  So so proud of him.

I love when I visit his school because I can tell he is so happy I am there.  He must have given me 20 hugs and 50 kisses while I was there.  I love my sweet sweet boy!

Friday night we did my family's cookie day tradition with my Mom, sister, aunt and cousins - we've been doing this since I was pregnant with Brayden but we skipped last year because things were just crazy. My sisters in laws come too and they are a great addition :)

We all wore "ugly" sweaters, even Avery joined in the fun :) You'll notice, this was the last time she was happy - before the party started.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day around here, Brayden didn't even get out of his pj's and we didn't leave the house once.

such a good big brother!!

Baby girl is getting SO big!

Saturday night the hubs went out with his friends for their annual "man dinner" - don't ask.  So it was me and the kids just hanging out watching Christmas movies and eating junk.  When they went to bed I finally got some energy to do some gift wrapping.

Sunday's weather was pretty decent for us so I took the kids outside to play while the hubs worked on putting shelving up in our garage.  I made these kids have so many races so they could really burn off some energy.  We've been cooped up too long and winter hasn't even officially began!

After playing we had a hot chocolate and cookie date :) These little people make me so dang happy

Sunday night we headed out for our tradition of driving around to look at Christmas lights in our pjs. I made the kids more hot chocolate (don't judge) and we had mini donuts to eat while driving around.


We saw a couple of really good houses that synced up to a radio station. The kids had fun and this tired them out.



Then it was home for some more Christmas movie watching and then finally bed! I'm so happy we got in some good traditions over this weekend since there isn't much time left until Christmas!

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